Youtubers Attacked! Deep State Exposed? Russia Blames Israel!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Stormy Daniels comparing Donald Trump to Mario Kart and a revelation from the writer of Sesame Street about Bert and Ernie. Other then that nothing else happened today no breaking news or important updates on YouTubers being attacked, or the project veritas video on the deep state nor the Russia Isreal international incident. Nope, nothing.

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  • Charles Patterson

    Very clever using that flight-path to calculate an attack vector that can “walk” the Syrian anti-aircraft fire into the intended target… *If* that is indeed what they did.

    Being subject to an inquiry and being forced to endure a thorough investigation by multiple and unconnected parties would be the only way to approach such a task. I do not think there is such an authority that would broach such a subject as they are likely beholden to this ?nation? of Israel.

    I do not think any of the PACS that are beholden to their good graces would allow such a thing and by extension neither will all the beneficiaries of such as they are ubiquitously distributed throughout the Power Structure. They are not beholden to you.

    I do not know an authority that would dare attempt to question them as they will use their strings of control without stricture.

    What ‘authority’ could be trusted to accomplish such a thing?

  • Bravesoul Channel

    Distractions it’s all about distracting us from what’s really going on in the world. Keep bringing the truth Luke!


  • Levon Guyumjian

    Unfortunately people aren’t aware of what kind of socialism that people are talking about, think about this elites they will be leaders of the party no body ever anyone will be able take them down they will destroy anyone goes against them , they will eliminate people anyways they desire and no one will even know what happened to their neighbors . That is the NWO they are talking about they want to control you with your own will they want to you to agree with their terms how they will killed you, that is how Jewish mafia will control the humanity ones for all they will eliminate anyone undesirable to them the rest of the humanity will be their slaves. Don’t forget Karla Marx was Jew, that is why elites like his ideas.

  • Rodrigo Serafim

    Admit it Luke, you are the one responsible for shooting down the aircraft using Bert’s penis.
    Its the only rational explanation to what really happened.

  • olddirtz

    nothing new that ernie and bert are a gay couple . we allready knew that in germany a longtime ago dont believe me search: popoclub on youtube

  • tod jones

    Sadly I’m to the point I think an EMP bomb over Tele Vive and Jerusalem to shut down all their electronics and capacity to keep up their aggression.

  • tiffinytiffable

    No one is talking about how a police officer can beat on your door and shoot you if you open it even though you have not given them a valid reason. As well as the police department ignoring multiple witnesses reporting hearing someone knocking on the door and yelling open the door. That is not manslaughter. Just know it was a black man this time but these actions are becoming more bold everyday. You could be next even if you are white.

  • Tyler Young

    Thank you Luke. I’m 28, In early 90’s as a kid I was informed Bert and Ernie where gay. Of course it was just from friends and family and i blew it off bc I watched Sesame Street but eventually agreed with the statements bc it was quite obvious after it had been mentioned lol I wonder why after so many years they want to bring this up again. Distractions distractions lol now they wanna ruin a seemingly innocent game to bash on the POTUS? Why is any of this “news”? These are not important topics for a public in need of an intellectual advancement in consciousness.

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