Pope’s North Korea Meditation? OK Sign Drama: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED LAST WEEK

In this video, we give you all the breaking and latest news from this week. Going over everything that we find important in one video download that will tell you everything you need to know for the week. Of course, we focus our attention on Donald Trump, North Korea, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and a lot more.

Ron Paul Interview

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  • Lorrie Lu

    Our real history. We have actually been under “The Act of 1871” THE UNITED STATES. The United States isn’t a country but a corporation. Maybe that’s what Trump is referring to. Check it out. The Vatican, The Crown and DC are corporations in partnership collecting money from Americans illegally and thats how we have become a debtor. Congress are traitors for illegally transferring power with no constitutional authority. Congress cut a deal,with the International bankers, the Rothschilds.

  • Juan Eliud Coll Serrano

    After +100 days, the illusion came down. Everything’s worst or the same. Exactly more of the same bs.

  • crack the code core

    as usual us progressive media ignores US financing and training of Latin American neolibera governments in their Indigenous and peasants genocide business. it is not so pop as to make viewers supporting the progressive shows?

  • Ihya-ul-Islam

    ”And if you think I missed a story then leave it in the comments below”

    OK Luke I’ll tell you this. no doubt your journalism is top notch however I and many other of your followers are wondering why you don’t mention how the problems we face are ultimately Zionist- made. Talk about how Isreal is trying to expand it territory and is causing all the mayhem we see today. And also how show a video that 911 was absolutely undoubted a inside job and not perpetrated by Arabs which is completely false. Zionism and the global elites are the true killers. 1 million people died in Iraq. 1 million in Afghanistan and half a million in Syria. expose it all Luke, not some of it like Alex Jones.

  • E. V.

    The “OK” sign is actually an illuminati “666”
    Sign- they show it to each other (in Addition to the triangle) to identify themselves to each other

  • Sneker One

    All of this hand sign drama is a distraction from the true Free masonic symbolism of the 666 hand sign. Just how fake news was a distraction to make people forget about pizza gate. We are change I am disappointed in your channel now for not calling out the truth like I thought you might would. I guess another so called truth channel I have to unsubscribe from because it is all bullshit. ?

  • SanctusLupus

    Democracy , even a democratic republic is nonfunctional.
    The constitution is just a piece of paper without the will of the people to back it up and enforce it.
    Time to stop voting, figure out an objective way to fix all this and mercilessly apply it to drain the swamp and cut the state down to size.
    These ppl are cancer and cancer must be excised.

  • morpheus622

    ” The constitution is a really bad thing”
    Donald Trump

    Wait ! WTF ? Trump keeps NAFTA..says its good for America

  • belly 420

    I saw this on a mainstream news site and my first question was….WHY ARE THEY THROWING UP 666? Im assuming they threw it up for a different reason but it looks really bad.

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