Operation Reinhard – The Problem with Individualism

The Alt-Right is quite often accused of collectivism by libertarians and conservatives. While there is a degree of truth to this, the fact of the matter is that groups will always out-compete lone individuals. And, contrary to what self-proclaimed individualists claim, free thinking can go hand-in-hand with ethnic consciousness. In fact, the classical liberal ideals championed by contemporary individualists were created by ethnonationalists.

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  • Awakened Saxon

    Uncompromising individualism is suicidal and self-destroying because it ignores the fact that some groups breed children more prone to individualism than others, as Ryan Faulk’s piece on population differences in individualism shows. The only workable form of individualism is one that recognizes that there is a cultural and genetic barrier to the individualism of even non-Western Europeans, not to mention Sub-Saharan Africans, mestizos, and Arabs. Even East Asians, despite their intelligence, do not tend to be amenable to individualism. Couple this knowledge with Robert Putnam’s research on the ill effects of diversity, and an “individualist” is forced to either admit they don’t actually care about social cohesion and individualism in the long run, or that the overwhelmingly collectivist potential foreign immigrants in the Third World should remain foreign and not immigrants to one’s own individualist country.

    I have to add that the point made in the video that leftists seek to deconstruct “Whiteness” is a fantastic one. They seek to deconstruct White identity, verbally abusing Whites for identifying as individuals is not at all a priority of theirs.

  • Dylan Joseph

    Very good video. These ideas so perfectly mirror what I always believe and try to get across when debating with a libertarian/conservative.

  • Steve Soriano

    Right libertarians have no problem with groups, so long as they are voluntary and, have no issue identifying in groups and out groups. For libertarians, the only issue that arises, is the initiation of aggression against the individual, that occurs when an involuntary group ie; the state, uses force in the name of the “the collective”. To say that individualism is the problem in the west is ridiculous, globalism is the antithetical to individualism.

  • Bohemianh

    The I got mine! attitude is what is destroying European bloodlines. The individualized white females is key to destroy us, turning women into money grubbing whores.

  • Brandon Young

    Obviously being an individual is important but it’s just wrong and ignores the importance of everything else. And it’s been my experience that this fools always worship Ayn Rand and they’re almost always jerks, completely. Good video again.

  • Mod3rncr33d

    I don’t understand where people get this idea that the West has purely been about individualism; yes we are renowned for self-expression but it has always been in the context of the society. Great Roman buildings, paintings, sculptures have been made of the creators will but there is no contention that they are also products of their society. Chopin, Mozart are magnificent composers but they have that Germanic feel to their pieces, and in which most great composers have been Germanic in their origin as well.

    Individualism and Collectivism are not mutually exclusive concepts and are very complementary.

  • mario petkof

    The prosperity of your group(nation people race) is in your individual interest.Only degenerates ho confuse irresponsibility towards themselves their children and society for freedom support so called ,,freedom movements”.

  • Ollie Plimsolls

    The difference between a Political Libertarian and a Social Libertarian which is what the MSM confuses on purpose.
    – Social Libertarianism is basically SJW Anarchy
    – Political Libertarianism is about Liberating people from the Corrupt Elite who are bought off by banks, preach Extreme Liberalism and push for Orwellian, One World Control.

    Political Libertarianism is a good Entry Red Pill on reality, away from the MSM brainwashing, for a Woman you want to settle down with.
    Then move on to all the other Red Pills in order of Social Tastes till they Fully Understand Truely Ethical, Alt Right/Ethno Nationalist Politics and what Zionism really means.
    Good Luck People with Awakening
    Hail !

  • ElusiveCube

    I not necessarily agree, whereas, when we look about the fall of Rome, we have to realize that the Barbarians that have overtook them, they themselves also disappeared, self dismantled, vanished, the Vandals, the Huns, The Goths, were no more after the fall of Rome.

  • Quid Est Veritas

    Ferdinand Tönnies’ ‘Gemeinshaft and Gesellshaft’ is good at describing the nature of modern and traditional societies in relation to individualism and a more communitarian way of thinking.
    This means of defining ‘The Right’ as being grounded in Individualism is comparatively historically recent.

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