Top 5 Conspiracy Theories Verified True in 2017

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Top 5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true in 2017. Of course, we mention Robert Mueller’s Russia gate investigation with Donald Trump, Hollywood scandals with media moguls, Chamath Palihapitiya coming out with some hard-hitting truths. Even mention tax reform, the rise of A.I robotics with Jeff Bezo’s of Amazon set to dominate the financial markets and on and on and on.

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  • Chad Sweeney

    Luke, what is your reaction to the accusation that you are controlled opposition? How were you able to get access to such high profile people and confront them?

  • J Tremaine

    What about 9-11. How come the Bush-Clinton crime family is still on the loose ?Guillotine the bloodline families of the papal black nobility, and their PUPPETS.

  • J Tremaine

    It is funny that now if the CIAO says UFOS are real, we won’t believe them. WE ASSUME THE OPPOSITE.This will be used against us. We encourage scepticism and must assume every ingredient has an agenda , not that it is true or false , but why are they saying this right now, what is this time frame for release, either True or false, what do they have to gain from telling us this.They want us to trust them unconditionally, so knowing we have zero trust, how do they coddle us ?

  • Ote Mork

    A convoy of brand new white Toyota trucks, the first thing you’d discover in a war struck Iraq/Syria, right? Google maps show new photospheres, also in ‘destructed’ cities. Look at those and do the maths. It’s a media war. *Fake.*
    0010110 = . . – . – – . = [ . . – ][ . – – . ] , [ . . ][ – . ] [ – – ][ . ] , [ . . ][ – ] [ . – – ][ . ] , [ . . – ] [ . – – ][ . ]
    “Up, In Me, It We, U We” in Morse code

  • seanlaca

    2018 is going to be far worse than 2017, just like 2017 was worse than 2016. You can be an optimist all you want, but that won’t change reality.

  • aronpayne1977

    actually roy moore political career is still going strong right now. It has not been proven in his case of sexual misconduct. also he still has a shot at the alabama senate due to the fact of massive voter fraud that happened in our state by people from outside our state. but we won’t know the full count until about Jan 19th 2018.

  • AirPlayRule

    Why did you use the OM symbol when you started talking about ISIS? What’s next, using a Buddhist symbol when talking about Mexican drug cartels? Are you crazy?
    Please thumbs this up and threaten to boycott him or something until he explains and resolves this.

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