A Message from Santa

Ho ho ho! Merry Corbettmas, everyone! James is taking some much-needed time off, so in the meantime please leave your suggestions for “Best of the Year” videos to be featured on the home page. Also, stay tuned for the winner of the Pentagon headline contest and use coupon code “HAPPYNEWYEAR” at checkout for 25% off any DVD(s) from The Corbett Report shop.


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  • Brandon Barkman

    Take a very well deserved break buddy. Thank you so much for all of your hard work through all the years of fantastic content that you have given us. Merry Christmas and happy New Year’s to you and yours.

  • KathysTube

    Thanks for another year of truths….Hope you and your family have a wonderful new year! Death to the NWO! Truth sets us all free…

  • MichelleObama isAman

    you may think (((trump))) is asking santa for a wall across the mexican border for christmas, but in fact, he is asking him for more shekels O_o

  • Color MehJewish

    You mean the Onion isnt real? lol
    That winning headline was def hilarious tho Santa.
    Btw — if you want to burn many discs at once, you should get a cheap but MANY slot PC case… grab a bunch of cheap DVD burner drives… run a simple FX-6300 or something in it.. connect the drives and bam.. you can pump out like 6-10 DVDs each time. You can also look on eBay for machines that are for this specifically. You can get a little older ones pretty cheap nowadays. I still prefer the PC method tho.. you can even grab a PCIe SATA extension card to add more drives if the motherboard cannot connect to all them when you put them in. But the cases I am talking about, they arent expensive either. To build a cheap machine for this specific purpose I think you would be able to build it around $500-600 (could be much less too, if you shop thriftily) depending on the hardware you went with (not including Windows, but if you have a copy you can always reuse it on multiple machines). Just thought I’d mention this and offer a solution suggestion.

    Merry Christmas 😀

  • J. Panxer

    Did you have a chance to see the video where Dr. Kaku basically confessed to the government using high powered lasers to manipulate weather?

  • Michael Reszneki Trolling4Truth

    Take your hand and firmly smack yourself in the forehead. That’s how I felt watching James in a 2 cent Santa get up LOL

  • Return of Zeus

    The Schwarzenberg family is an Austrian and Bohemian nobility serving the House of Habsburg and they are involved with military, politics, and the Roman Catholic Church. They have origins from Bavaria. On their coat of arms there is a raven pecking at a decapitated head. Prince Karel Schwarzenberg is the current head of this family and is a member of the Czech parliament and knight of the Habsburg’s Order of the Golden Fleece. They are a Roman Catholic family also connected with Protestantism. Prince Karel supports the idea that denying communist crimes is a criminal offense. That itself is fascism and communism and intended to deny freedom of speech. In fact it was in Austria where families like the Schwarzenberg’s ruled over where the Nazis originated. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian. Gustave Schwarzenegger was an Austrian Nazi and the father of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an unofficial relative of the Schwarzenberg family and that is why he has been allowed to become a famous and wealthy actor and politician. The Nazis SS used the Skull and Bones symbol. Arnold Schwarzenegger can be seen on the cover up Time Magazine wearing a Skull and Bones belt buckle. Stephen Schwarzman is an American investor worth over 10 billion, CEO and co-founder of Blackstone Group and a member of Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society. Stephen Schwarzman is also the head of Donald Trump’s economic advisory council. The German word for black is Schwarz. Blackstone financed and partly owns BlackRock Investment which manages about 5.7 trillion in assets today.

    George Soros whose original last name was Schwartz was up until recently worth over 25 billion and he is from Budapest Hungary where the Habsburg and Schwarzenberg families governed. George Soros admitted to assisting the Nazis in confiscating property from Jews his youth. George Soros founded the Open Society Institute which is involved in funding radical political groups as a means to destabilize societies while pretending to represent civil liberties. George Soros is also funding Nazi style persecution carried out by secret societies. Dieter Schwarz is a German billionaire worth over 20 billion and runs a retail monopoly called Schwarz Gruppe. Bernard Schwartz is a billionaire financier who was CEO of Loral Space & Communications which merged with Orion Network Systems which was ran by Kevin Patrick Power and he was married to Karen Akers the daughter of Prince Heinnick Orth-Pallavicini of the noble Austrian House of Pallavicini. Loral Skynet was a subsidiary of Loral Space & Communications. Skynet is also the name of an artificial intelligence that takes over the world in the movie Terminator which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger met with Jacob Rothschild several years back. George Soros (Schwartz) Dieter Schwarz, Bernard Schwartz and Stephen Schwarzman are all Court Factors handling the finances and interests for the House of Schwarzenberg. Arnold Schwarzenegger is really a Prince of the Schwarzenberg family and like the Duke of California. The Schwarzenberg family serves the Roman Catholic House of Habsburg as Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The Habsburg family serve the Black Nobility of Italy as Knights of the Order of Malta.

  • Auntie Mesite

    Hey Santa, Might want to leave a note for James telling him that Trump’s Executive Order has swamp creatures gasping for breath and flying out of LAX, only to be turned back after 4 hours for ‘collection’ by some people who might be sending them to Hotel Gitmo, as we’ve seen an uptick in reservations there recently. Boot bracelets seem to be in fashion this season (mccain, speiers, clinton) and plenty of indictments to go around this holiday season. Lots on the (very!) naughty list.
    Sheeple going to have trouble with taking their Red Pills, they’re going to choke on all that’s happening. And Q promised “fireworks” also, let’s not forget about that. Ought to be a showstopper. If you’ve got a flatscreen/computer, you’ve got front row seats to the best thriller of all time cause this is for all the marbles. My parents are clueless, along with most other geriatrics who make up most of CNN audience, but at least they were warned (politely). Ignoring it all. Well, I don’t feel guilty about not talking to them anymore, they have some kind of disconnect with reality. Might be the flouride in their water, or any of the oldpeople drugs they take, or just their inability to comprehend anything these days unless Anderson Cooper says so first.
    Santa, tell James I thank him sincerely for all the wit and brilliance he’s packed into his videos over the years. They have helped fill the void I’m feeling socially since everyone in my family is hopelessly insane, apathetic, and in many cases, both. James did a story about the scribbling kindergarten student that has left a lasting impression with me because it describes so well what I see in lots of adults and never recognized what it was. Tell him I think it will be a much better year in 2018 because the cabal is going down in flames and the rest of the world is so looking forward to peace, joy, and love…or at least playing nicely. We’ve been at war for all the years since at least vietnam, at war with someone somewhere and I am so ready to know what it’s like to just have good will in this world. Tell James to have a very merry Christmas, recharge his beautiful spirit, and I’ll say a prayer for him tomorrow when I visit the meditation pod in the backyard.

  • allslaves dollarbanks

    Israeli Mossad would have murdered Santa immediately if he was real and giving out free stuff to the good! Can’t have that! They don’t even deserve coal.

  • Edgrot

    james seriously you don’t have stacks on your net work? They are stand alone now no PC required. They have 3 4 5 and up to 7 cd bays that I know of. Can burn multiple disks at one time. Cost range 350-600 usd. Can run them right off the net work from your main terminal. Head over too newegg.com and price them. Though you are in Japan and should be able to find what you need locally I would assume.

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