Jean-Francois Gariépy – Biology of Race: Debunking the “Sceptics” View on Race

Jean-Francois Gariépy is an author, academic, and YouTuber from Sainte-Sophie, Québec, Canada. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the Université de Montréal, and is currently studying the molecular mechanisms of the origins of DNA-based life on Earth. He has a YouTube channel that is devoted to questions relating to society, gender, biology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and internet history. He is the author of the forthcoming book entitled The Revolutionary Phenotype.

We begin the program with Henrik and Jean-Francois discussing the challenges faced by scientists pursuing subjects that are considered taboo by the prevailing politically correct orthodoxy. Jean-Francois states that society has evolved thanks to science, but we live in a current milieu that actively obstructs scientific inquiry. Moreover, we discuss the controversy surrounding a YouTuber, using the alias Kraut, who actively attempted to vilify fellow YouTube personalities with whom he disagreed. Kraut, along with a cadre of like-minded provocateurs, was preparing to prosecute a comprehensive doxing campaign against those he perceived as ideological enemies on the Right. Henrik and Jean-Francois discuss the rationale behind such an aggressive course of action. The radical Left has attempted to silence those on the Right who have employed intelligent, coherent arguments.

The discussion segues to the censorship of YouTube content produced by Jared Taylor, Red Ice Tv, and others because of Leftist smear campaigns and censorious corporate policy. Henrik and Jean-Francois speak to the toxic climate fomented by Leftist moralizing; and the problematic nature of conflating the pursuit of scientific facts with possible moral dilemmas of the future. The conversation then delves into the use of violence, and the arguments made to justify committing violent acts within a context of philosophical disagreement. We go on to address the rhetorical styles employed by Antifa to pillory those on the Right such as attributing false intent. The program also delves into the problem of multiculturalism, Quebec nationalism, demographics, the migrant invasion of Europe from a biological perspective, DNA, RNA, artificial intelligence, the perils of human DNA manipulation, and much more.

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About The Author


  • Daniel de man


  • Apocalypse Fire

    Another world war could depopulate most of the world if it consumes the world. Especially with the technology we now have.

  • delven121

    What I find interesting when you look at the globe. All Asian, black, middle eastern, Latino and other are allowed to have their own country’s. They are allowed to dictate how their country’s are run but most white countries except Poland, hungery and Russia have to allow others into their countries and make exceptions for them. If whites do this they are considered racist

  • Frau Katze

    What I noticed was how angry he was. He seemed to despise the alt-right and could not contain his rage. That’s not a good way to persuade anyone about anything.

  • sam wich

    We don’t need biodiversity because we’ve got intellectual diversity and technology to protect us from the changing environment. At this point which is more of a benefit? I say technology. If white people go away, so does the protective technology.

  • LaserGuidedLoogie

    JF makes a great point that the REAL question isn’t do we want an ethnostate, the question is WHICH ethnostate do we want.

    This is why we should always point out that the ultimate goal of the left is genocide. They want to kill us, and multiculturalism is their weapon of choice.

  • Device Compel

    Usually a fan of your guests, not this time. This guy has a shady background with how treats love, women and autism non-consenting persons. Please properly vet people before making them ‘role models’ or ‘spokespersons’ for the white race! Even if they have fancy language or so called degrees and agrees with our narrative shouldn’t equate to giving certain persons a floor to try to normalize the choices that they made (look into it deeper such as on Andywarski podcasts) that even though might not be something the court pressed charges on but if it was your daughter in that position what would you do? It’s bad enough to have the pro white rights dividing our men and women with this ‘women shouldn’t have rights” narrative to have persons of such behaviors and choices as this. Not responding to other comments on this post either. I stated my opinion, and not up for debating it with echoes. Sounds like the white unity movement is getting desperate to only vet by skin tone and not by also by values and behaviors.

  • SilkSatin Paradise

    The only place it’s acceptable to openly discriminate by race and ethnicity is when you’re searching through porn.

  • joe smith

    Wow… Quand vous avez commencé à parler d’AI, je pensais que c’était pour déraper, mais au contraire, vous avez stepper up!
    Un des meilleurs vids que j’ai vu depuis longtemps! Très belle découverte ce M. Gariépy!

  • Barry Taylor

    This is one of the most interesting conversations I have listened to for years. Amazingly a lot of this was touched upon by various ‘sci-fi’ writers in the 1970’s.

  • ashley bennett

    I see Western Europe as one giant Yugoslavia on the brink of catastrophe the likes of which Europe hasn’t seen since the Thirty Years War.

  • Astrid The Red

    Yay! A counter Sagon of a cuck video! Also look up “Apollonian Slumber” here on youtube He is good at slamming those skeptics. “Fart sniffers” he calls them.

  • LaserGuidedLoogie

    Henrik, you CAN’T convince them that you aren’t going to engage in all of violence they attribute to you, because they don’t make those claims honestly. They only make those claims because it gives them moral cover to attack you.

    They are like any other criminal in the world: They make spurious and false claims about their victims in order to justify their criminality.


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