Benghazi Survivor Speaks Out Against Hillary/Obama and ISIS Funding

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Benghazi survivor John Tiegen on how he thinks Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are implicated in the incident. As well as the funding of rebels in the middle east that have turned sides and joined ISIS.

To find out more about John Tiegen check oiut

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  • Stephanie Booth

    I am sorry for this guy,but maybe he’s about to wake to this croup
    government he works for ,It’s all about control and how much this
    government can still,and they don’t care how many people have to die


  • Pyramid Builder Jr.

    ISIS was created by Israel to destabilize the region and pursue the goal of
    Greater Israel Plan

  • samanthapayne77

    I love this guys message.. he is so right.. who made us the world police
    anyway?! As if we dont have anything wrong with our own country. We need to
    pull the log out of our own eye- so to speak.

  • me aul jazzer

    shows how much respect Obama & hillary has for American troops. hillary:
    fuck this, I’m off to bed with Bill. Obama: fuck it, I’m off to live it up
    in Vegas baby.

  • Ronald Cheatham

    And 4 people “DIED”!!!

    …….. I’m sorry.

    I was gonna say something more.

    But it would only be rude and vulgar.

    And I respect U and those who died too much to go there.

  • Omar Touzani

    Thank u so much for your disservice. The 4 pricks who died, and yourself,
    could have easily told Barry to fuck off, and stayed at home, but you all
    chose to take part in an illegal invasion.

  • LeCrazyCanuckEh

    psychopaths tell you it’s honorable to serve them… How stupid do you have
    to be to believe them?

  • Verum

    The US have no reasons to go in the middle-east.
    But when you think logically, you see that all the countries attacked by
    the US are located all around Israel.
    You can also see how biassed the American Govt is toward Israel, since they
    own the major banks and positions in the US.
    You should also see how Israel HATE the Arab countries, and how these
    invasions by the US PLEASES Israel.
    Then you’d know the true purpose of the US in the middle-east… which is
    to be tool for a criminal agenda that has nothing to do with the American
    people. PERIOD.

  • John Taylor

    It’s Obama & Hillary Clinton aiding the enemy so Rothschild, Cheney, Sorros
    can drill for oil like they are now in Libya and paying isis alot of money
    to do so .Isis is using that money to arm themselves and destabilize the
    rest of Europe & U.S.
    for depopulating .Fema & Martial law enforcement, disarming America & civil
    war with U.N. Troops already here and to begin by August.

  • John Taylor

    Economic collapse & suspended social programs to distract citizens will
    signal the start of massive oppression and incarceration and killing of
    federal prisoners when martial law begins

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