Why Is France No Longer French? – Daniel Conversano & Timothé Vorgenss

Daniel Conversano and Timothé Vorgenss from Suavelos discuss how France has been transformed by mass immigration. Is France, as we’ve known it, lost forever?

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About The Author


  • Pamela Cedarcreek

    Another Great Show!! The footage leaves me with only one thing to say F******* GOD HELP US TO BE STRONG TO FIGHT BACK, and PROTECT EACHOTHER.

  • elenita jay

    I consider myself to be a normal person, not a racist. Im married to a Filipino who i love very much. For a while my wife came to live in birmingham england with me. When i took her around the area i grew up in ( sparkhill ) she couldnt believe what she saw. It was like walking down the high st in islamabad. Hardly a white face. Muslims do not integrate, well very few dont. Muslim men can without fear date white non muslim women. Muslim on the other hand cannot. If they do they are seen as bringing shame on their faamily. They can & do kill them for this. He father & her brothers & cousins & sometimes even their mothers & sisters will take part in killing her. Now we have the minority of blacks not only in the uk but in all the civilised west & european countries, hating us & wanting to punish us. They working with the white left are actively plotting against us. It makes me feel very racist towards them. But i know & like many blacks & they dont think or behave in that way. Those that actively campaign against white history & want to make us feel guilty & remove all visual signs of it ( well what they deem racist people ) like removing anything to do with winston churchill for example. Those people should be deported to any african country. They in america call themselves african americans. That to me shows they see as africa is more important than america is to them. My dad came from wales, now im not welsh english im english. & if blacks cant be just english or american then send them back to the country that they relate to. They should have no arguement with that. These black lives matter people are very very dangerous & completely anti white & establishment & they should all be removed today from our countries. Last but not least the muslim religion should be removed from the civilised world. They each hate the different sects of muslims or islam however you want to refer to it, but they will unite when it comes to anything non muslim. If they ever rule the world woe betide us all.

  • Wotan will awake

    “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
    ― Winston Churchill

  • equaliser

    The England I grow up in is lost, the Europe I knew is lost. white people are going to be extinct, it is a mathamatical certainty. The only question now is, how do we want to go out. Quietly in the night or kicking and screaming. The real enemy of the west is, lestist white people who are haters and traitors to their race and have no national pride.

  • Callum Mason

    They were never fench they are gauls, learn your history.

    The Frank’s terrorised western Europe and the world beyond and having their name as the name of your country is only a further sign of oppression.

    Long live vercingetorix!!

  • Jason Copping

    The new French will exert their dominance by defacing sacred French sites. The tomb of Charlemagne will be destroyed. Notre Dame will have its Christian sacraments removed and replaced. The French will then realize that no one wants to be French. Like rain on the mountain side.

  • Frau HausMaus

    Dear Lana – Please tell Daniel and Timothe that it is not too late!! Don’t lose hope!
    The black and brown populations have exploded due to foreign aid, food aid, medical aid, infrastructure development, oil money, etc. all coming from White countries. In addition, we give all sorts of welfare for them in our countries. If we withdrew all White assistance, the population of the third world would crash by at least 80% in a few months.
    Also, there populations in our countries are highly concentrated, and are very vulnerable to military action. In addition, with all welfare and even employment for those willing to work withdrawn, many will return to their native countries.
    Of course, there will be unrest, so Whites must be armed. The bottom line is that one brave, intelligent White man can defeat a million savages. But only if he has the will, and this means realizing that the only morality is to preserve our people, countries, and civilization.
    They are like an algae bloom or ant infestation that would never even have existed without our interference. Therefore, it is not immoral to restore the demographic situation that would have been if Whites had never extended them the advantages of our civilization. This will to survive can return very quickly given the right circumstances.
    I believe in the power of the White Man. Please tell them this. It breaks my heart to see them expressing that France is lost!
    We put a man on the moon, split the atom, and mapped the human genome. We can drive these hordes from our lands and rout out the degeneracy that had taken hold as well. There is a “final solution.”

  • alexpoobum

    i cry for my race, most of our young men are addicted to computer games, drugs and our young women ruined by feminism oh and 50% of whites are obese and dying from cancer, heart disease and other health related problems, i weep for my people and feel helpless.

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