Civil Disobedience at Sea with Génération Identitare and Lauren Southern

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  • Buddy Blank

    Good job, Luke. The mass flooding of Europe with “refugees” is being forced on the people of Europe by their unelected rulers in the EU. This is tyranny with the aim of destroying multiple nations and creating a population of slaves. Look up Kalergi plan.

  • Yngstolde Magnus

    Hypothetically, what is to stop you from removing these cockroaches and leaving them in a gutter? They have no ID, they have no way to be tracked, they are being shipped in by the government En Masse to replace the german population via ethnic genocide.

    Their left-wing indoctrination centers force ethnic white germans to turn into passive hindu cows as they are over-ran and their women raped while the men are bred out of the gene pool.

    Kinda like us fat fuckin neets here in Murica. The only difference is we don’t have an actual identity in murica’ to care about preserving. The Germans do. Not to mention they are actually still ethnically white, unlike us Mutt Americans.

    Why the fuck aren’t people stopping this? Protesting on a boat won’t do shit. All governments around the world have bigger hardware than you do, so don’t fight their hardware, fight the people behind the hardware.

    Surely there are enough people that resisted the indoctrination system to fight back?

    Or are germans really that far gone?

  • brayan2186

    great.. wish there was more coverage on who is behind all the regulations of divide the population​and conquer the poor..

  • Der Fliegende Holländer

    At some point, we’re going to have to get together and start doing our own patrols, Somali pirate style. Patrol the coast-lines in the upper Mediterranean with armed speedboats, shooting up any boats full of these apes that we see.

  • gxer

    This is starting to get old. You call yourselves journalists? As someone who knows a little bit about shipping – you would have had to known the ship’s name to do this and the type of ship. It looks like a small container ship, but totally not clear. Port of call etc… This means that by the time you aired this you would have – I’d ASSUME – known the name of the German NGO. visa versa. By omission you slow us down. We could now have had many more manifests to track, past and future. They know that we know!

  • gxer

    Let’s get real, GI could have gotten a scuba force together and been dropped off, clandestinely boarded the boat and sabotaged it. So small minded.

  • USC 07

    The whole third world would like to ‘migrate’ to the west. This is nothing more than an invasion by stealth. Hate to say this but they need to start sinking those boats or towing them back until they get the message.

  • Chaos Theory

    I’m sorry, but what’s the point? This looks like some Greepeace bullshit. Let’s assume you’re successful, what would this look like? The boat returning the migrants to some random place? Is that even legal? Full government reversal on current policies?

  • TheSpiritOfTheTimes

    LOL these fascist carpetbaggers need to fuck off back to Canada/America or we in Europe may need to start peacefully preventing them from coming over here.

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