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In this course you will learn:

1. Why Gold and Silver is a Safe bet moving forward in an Economy with Zero percent interest rates and runaway Debt.
2. What we can learn from History and How other nations have suffered like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina and Weimar Republic Germany post World War 1.
3. What we can Expect to happen after Inflation and potentially hyperinflation takes hold in the United States of America.
4. How to Prosper and PROFIT during a Debt Collapse and how to hedge your portfolio today for success and peace-of-mind.
5. How to Diversify your precious metals holding, WHAT TO BUY, build an Asset allocation and Investment STRATEGY.


*Review course syllabus for Complete course Outline and Join THOUSANDS of Other Students ‘How to Profit with Gold & Silver.’

(10-11-18) In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Economic Collapse 2018.



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  • 24 Rooter Of Yakima

    One important key you are missing: gold and silver will only absorb a quick gain followed by a sell off. Those PMs are to valuable to industry to rise for any length of time. Think logically!! This is why sometimes when I watch your videos I’m like “this guy is partially brain washed”….but I know your heart is right on target. You preach knowledge, yet you fall short of your own knowledge. Still doesn’t matter as we are all free to think independently. I’m telling you now….and I’ve said it a million fold. Get crypto for long term, get PM for minimal short term. Peace ✌️

  • John Davis

    Always keeping it REAL!

    They might wait until the primaries
    are over, maybe as far as late March next year. The “Burden of
    Damascus” is the matchpoint for


  • Ricardo Azabache

    Listen you F / :; the republicans didn’t order the increase of interest rates, the leftist that run the federal reserve Did on purpose so President Trump look bad
    The federal reserve doesn’t know what to believe for our nation, these people should go to jail now!!!!!!! And stop helping the Chinese because they want interest rate to Increase because of their investment in America!!
    So You F protect America now !!!!!!

  • roobpoor

    Sorry sir what you are saying 100% true, but at the end of the day you are the guy with a handkerchief and blazer. You are entitled to sell your product but please refrain from definite prediction, trying to make best out of situation.

    I will be waiting on Monday.

  • Michael Manfro

    There will be a 40-60% drop… on the first entire dip.

    The biggest crash of anyone’s lives is about to happen. If they can keep inflating the market up it won’t happen again till next year but $16 trillion fake printed money, injected into the market is definitely artificial

  • David Spearman

    So what are we to do? and what if we have no money in the stock market will we be okay? I’m and average American that works pay check to pay check!

  • Paul Castellano

    Stock market is old and out of style and corrupt and manipulated the block chain is the way to go… Crypto is the way to go. Easiest way to become a millionaire is to put a couple thousand dollars in XRP guaranteed the fastest way to become a millionaire ripple is going to skyrocket.

  • will edwards

    Hey Chris, as a fellow Christian, why don’t you help your brothas and sistas by giving us this info for free instead of selling it to us? Let your reward be great in heaven with God instead of a fatting up your personal bank account. Thank you in advance.

  • drumr72

    Sure dude…and Nibiru and the grey aliens will be here too Monday. You need to lay off the meth or whatever drug you are taking. To quote the great Thom Brenamen…”boy oh boy..”

  • Libertarian Coconut

    Bitcoin is not “digital gold”. It’s just a digital fiat not much different than paper fiat. There is no inherent and tangible value to crypto and in a crash, will be worthless. Metals and commodities are the only real safe stores of wealth.

  • Bruce Diehl

    it always horrified me how people put their trust in not even portraits of presidents on paper but in a slip of paper saying they had so many thousands in an account…the only money I ever believed in was in something of saleable or exchangeable silver gemstones precious objects…Why buy anything that has no exchange value.

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