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I have received such a wonderful response from men and women concerning this series and I am going to keep it going. Out of this series I have also done many personal consultations with young men who are working on their thoughts, their words, and their actions. One of the most important things that any young man can do is to commit himself to his own personal development. My own commitment to my own personal development as a man has served me well and has allowed me to establish a positive relationship with my wife. We have been in a positive relationship for 15 years and we have 5 beautiful children. My family is the most important thing to me and this is precisely why I speak about my family so much.
Recently I was talking to a good friend of mine named Salahdeen and we were talking about how there are men who have a wife and children but never talk about their wife or children. In some cases, when they talk about their wife and children they speak with negativity. This is the result of a lack of priority. If a man’s family is important to him then he will enjoy talking about his wife. If a man’s children are important to him then he will enjoy talking about his children. If a man does not talk about his wife or children it is because his family is not important to him; his family, it not his priority. We talk about what is most important to us. This is why I talk about my family so much.
Young men you must prioritize what is most important to you. Do you want to be a good husband someday? Do you want to be a good father someday? If so, then you must seek those men who are good husbands and fathers. Avoid those men who are not good husbands and fathers. If you commit yourself to developing yourself as a man then you will be naturally be led to those men who have developed themselves as men; this development leads to success in male/female relationships and family building.
As an example of a man who has prioritized his family I am up at 3 am working on my son’s computer. Before my sons went to bed they told me that their computer was not working properly. Today is their computer game day so I am up fixing their computer so that they can have their computer for game day. Understand that my son’s enjoy game day and since my sons are important to me, their happiness is important to me. So I am here to solve this problem for my sons. Solving their computer issues set a precedence for my sons so that they will know that I will always be here to help them with any problem that they have. Even when they become me I want them to know that I am here to help.
In my life I do not have a father to help me with issues. My father is alive but he is not active in my life or in his grandchildren’s lives. But for my sons they are being taught to expect me to be there to help them. They are also being taught how a man and how a father operates. This is a model for them to emulate when they become husbands and fathers.


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  • warm Flowers

    hey lenor I loved your replies. I’m v thankful. hv u healed from your
    father not there for you?how about your mother ?is it bad to be there for
    your kids relie on you , will it make them not independent?

  • warm Flowers

    have you had any encounters with narcissistic people and your thoughts on
    evil people ?do you feel sorry for them? loved listening to your talks .
    its odd how men are brainwashed to think fulfillment is about getting girls
    and not looking after women and family and character… it baffles me!!
    probably passed down from someone messed up but I wonder where the roots
    came from this bizarre idea ! what ate your thoughts about spliting jobs up
    in the house ?do u expect certain amount of cleaning a mother needs to do
    before the man gets home from work ? broken for life ?you mean guys wil be
    broken forever ?

  • kharyzma4u

    Happy Birthday to Miss Ayida!!! Yes, all that matters is that you are all
    together and HAPPY! The birthday parties are the best! Have fun and enjoy
    the day! The children will always remember the happy life that you provided
    for them. Love, health and happiness:)

  • Lovely Rose

    Your, “manhood” conversation will be interesting with your son and would be
    a good mock video with your son (to show how its truly done); given that
    many manhood conversations that many men have with their sons, (if they’re
    around) are down right appalling; devoid of accountability, responsibility
    or respect for women as human beings or towards a woman’s body. Their
    “manhood” conversations perpetuate degenerate and dysfunctional culture
    actually towards themselves, women and community. Such videos that support
    true “manhood” with sons do not exist here on YT….only here tho. Thank

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