UK Government Appoints “Minister For Loneliness” – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Japanese Public Broadcaster NHK Issues False Alarm Over North Korean Missile Launch

Wikipedia: J-Alert

#ThisDayInHistory: Jan. 13 -17, 1893 US Coup On Hawaiian Monarchy

Story #2: General Motors Preps Autonomous Car Without Steering Wheel, Pedals

#MorningMonarchy: Moby’s CIA Friends, Seinfeld’s Zionist Pals and Mnuchin’s Bad People

Story #3: Britain Appoints “Minister For Loneliness” To Help Isolated People

UK Press Release: PM Commits to Government-Wide Drive To Tackle Loneliness

Navy Releases Collision Report for USS Fitzgerald and USS John S McCain Collisions

Ex-U.S. Navy Officers Face Negligent Homicide Charges Over Ship Collisions

Welcome to the Driverless Future!

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  • SirChocula

    The UK better damn well have a Minister of Virginity to help men everywhere get laid!!! I demand my government services to provide help for all the social failings of humans everywhere! Just say no to personal responsibilities! /s

  • Blazing Nipples

    IDK Corbett, I don’t think I agree about the self driving cars. I think that it is indeed a technology that is ripe for abuse, but you really underestimate the number of disabled people. The elderly, for example, wont be on the road, which will allow them to live better and save lives. Vision impairment is the most common disability on Earth, and there are millions of people whose eyesight prevents them from driving. The technology will save so many lives that are spent on auto accidents now.

    I’d also have to say, if youre a whistleblower and they want you dead, they can already do that quite easily. Car crashes wont be like they are today. If youre an important person and you die in your car, people will obviously see that as suspicious since cars pretty much never crash by that point. I think its far more important that we continue to invest in this technology, but make sure that we keep on top of regulating what can and cannot be done to the cars. This is the only way you prevent the technology from being used tyrannically.

    We’ll never stop self driving cars, and we wouldn’t want to. They’ll be a net benefit to society, but more importantly, they’ll actually be a net benefit to the cause of reform and fighting tyranny. People will be able to read, write, and discuss efficiently while in cars. Whole classes of busy professionals in the developed world will have more free time, and that means some of those people will have the time to explore the truth about things they didnt know before. I dont see that being bad.

  • Chris Dryer

    Convenience for happiness is what drives innovation. With older drivers unable to get to where they want to go, driverless cars are a good option.

  • Blazing Nipples

    I would be very surprised if they made owning a manually operated vehicle illegal in our lifetimes. I don’t think you have to give up your freedom, and saying that self driving cars is “conditioning” us for brain control chips is kinda out there. Were telephones and radio Deep State social programming initiatives too? I mean, new technologies have always emerged, and self driving cars have been a staple of sci fi for decades. No ones going to make you get rid of your car for a self driving one.

  • Patrick Brown

    In my mind, loneliness is a result of a fundamental disconnection with what ‘is’. We seem to always be thinking about or analyzing our experience in some way. This, it seems to me, separates us from experience itself. We don’t live truly in the moment when we are thinking about it. “Right now” a cars pass near and far, drivers are driving, birds are birding, dogs are dogging and it is all going on now. It is all a process in which we are all an aspect of. In fact “you” are the universe expressing itself as you.
    The IGNORance of this is, what i believe to be, the root of these common feelings of isolation.

  • Centexzen2

    First of all thanks for y’alls Real news reporting. Good stuff.

    I wanted to address this BS ai car thing.

    [disclaimer] I’ve experience a serious back injury so, I Do Not want any sjw commentary on any observation I am about to reveal.

    OK, paraplegics CAN Already get into and out of & drive their own cars around at will; all on their own, and do not Need any HELP or INTERFERENCE with their Independent mobility.
    As for quadriplegics, they Cannot get into or out of cars all on their own & Actually need Human Assistance in this respect anyway, so How can an ai car be of Any Help to these folks???

    So Maybe someone can help me to understand this Sudden Concern with “all those poor cripples” by our Lovingly Concerned & oh so Sweet govenm… oh Yeah, I really mean this wonderful Technocracy that we now find ourselves as unwilling participants in???
    I find this sudden “concern” to be Complete BS.

    Whenever governments say things like, “it’s for our own Safety” or “it’s for the Children” or “it’s for the Animals” or like NOW, “it’s for All those Poor Cripples”; You Should take Some Serious Notice & ask yourselves, what is the Real Reason for this sudden concern?

    This sounds a Whole Lot like the “special treatment” code that the nazis used in the late 30’s & 40’s…does it not?

    …Just sayin’

  • Susan Vaughan

    James..Please check out the excellent work that “Florida Maquis” has done regarding these Navy ships and also the Panama Canal!

  • John Smith

    There comes a point where the actions of a government move beyond parody. The UK is rapidly becoming nothing more than a sick joke. They’re actively selling out their own culture and people, allowing crime to spiral out of control, policing people’s twitter feeds for wrongthink, and then they wonder why people feel isolated?

  • Mari K

    Also Japanese Defense Minister Onodera was inspecting Ballistic Missiles Defense System Aegis Ashore in Hawaii just two days before the false alarm in Hawaii. Coincidence?!?

  • Europeans Rise - Worldwide!

    I find it’s real easy to stop and talk to old people… and young people and pretty much anyone really. All people have to do is look someone in the eye and say hello. Be careful in the “diverse” neighbourhoods who you look in the eye though!

  • Malcolm Cook

    How about a few more pieces to camera whilst on topical location shoots guys?

    Maybe even together at the same event? Covering different parts then together for a final review, comment and analysis??? Maybe I’m just a crazy, but just putting it out there…………… 😀 Where’s that Jobi tripod and the fluffy deadcat mic shield..?

  • Tuco Yamamoto

    I thought Jo Cox was murdered to try and change the opinion on Brexit like the Manchester bombing was done to take people’s minds of a very close election in which the tories nearly lost.
    Minister for loneliness well since they put so much tax on beer the pub used to be the social meeting place for most Brits see “The Rovers Return” Coronation Street, “The Queen Vic” Eastenders and “The Woolpack” Emmerdale all popular soaps, all socialising took place in the pub. Now people can’t afford the prices and most pubs have closed down, the UK will never have a coffee shop culture so it’s just another ministerial post to be filled by a women.

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