Alt-Right Defends Southern Heritage in Charlottesville, VA

On May 13th, around two-hundred Alt-Right supporters gathered in Charlottseville, VA. To protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues. Later that night, they marched with fire lit torches to the Robert E. Lee statue. They held a flame lit vigil to pay respect to Southern heritage and ancestors. Mainstream Media reported that this was virtually a KKK rally. The mainstream media are nothing but liars. Our culture, heritage & history are being attacked and removed. Defending it is not hate, it is love for what is exclusively ours. We will continue to defend it. We will not back down!


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  • brian smith

    So anarchists can light the city on fire and the media calls them protesters, these people hold a peaceful protest defending heritage and are labeled racists? The hypocrisy is getting so old. There needs to be some actual Klan or neo-Nazi marches so the media can learn to differentiate between white heritage & white supremacy.

  • Stand4 Liberty

    American JEW main Media is an enemy of the American citizens, Jew main media is a puppet of the global elite who are in motion to end the American way of life and insert a Jew World Order where our Constitution once stood tall.
    We are at war, our government is controlled by treasonous JEW criminals who need to? be brought to justice for their crimes!

  • Skoda

    Racist didn’t work, white supremacist didn’t work, Nazi didn’t work, and now that those are all worn out now it’s KKK members. I wonder what’s next…

  • Hans Grubet

    These people are not alt right or right wingers. If you knew anything about American history you would know the history of the south is democrats or better known as Dixie Crats. The kkk was started by the democrat south as well as being loyalist to the king of England in the revolutionary war the war of 1812 and the civil war. The democrats have a glorious past as traitors to the USA…..

  • Georgia Henderson

    Thank you for showing the truth of my Southern brothers and sisters and our supporters who will not stop fighting for the preservation of our true history. Nor will we ever forget the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors in fighting for our 10th amendment rights against a corrupt federal government. The perverted narrative and actions of the communistic, virtue signaling, multi-cultural, globalist, MSM, cowardly politicians and indoctrinated SJW’s will NEVER pervert the truths held in the heart of every true Southerner.

  • The VeGAINator

    Yeah.. the ((media)) said that this event was a stance of the alt right in order to scare/threaten minorities… smh. Even if it was.. good, because they were the ones defiling the statues in the first place but without ((them)) inciting them to do it, the black biological weapons of mass destruction would not have defiled the statues in the first place.

  • Sarah

    I’m getting married in the home of a historical confederate family… a lot of the guests are libtards so I’m really excited about the potential fun I can have with that 😈

  • corrion1

    The communists also removed and censored their history and decades later people thought their way of life was acceptable.

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