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The documentary “BEYOND GANGSTER BLACKFACE” takes a critical look at the power of music lyrics and how lyrics can influence the mentality, language, and behavior of young impressionable children. In particular, the documentary explores how Gangster Rap promotes black male criminality, disrespect of women, and negative male/female relationships. Other topics discussed in the film include the East Coast / West Coast Beef, police brutality, Blaxploitation films, domestic violence, manhood, fatherhood, womanhood, motherhood, and how to protect your mind from negative media programming.
Documentary Written, Directed, Edited, and Executive Produced by Lenon Honor
FEATURING: Akanundrum, Alonzo Williams, Ayida Honor, Gaknew Roxwel, Keidi Awadu, Lucas Eddens, Mecca Islam, Nubia I, Sadiki Bakari, Salahdeen Asad, Sonia Barrett, and Wolfgang Amadeuz

Trailer #1 Edited by Salahdeen Asad
Music by Lenon Honor
Film Run Time Approximately: 143 minutes
+ DVD Bonus Features 120 minutes
Copyright (2017) Lenon Honor All Rights Reserved


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  • Khensu Nefer Hetep

    Mr. Honor much love & respect to you & yours. I am so happy to see a truly positive black man that is making strides with his vision that in itself is revolutionary. I always try to watch all your videos because you uphold integrity & when you feel as though you made a mistake in judgement, you are being a true African male that can admit it. I know our ancestors are too proud of you as we are.

  • Lovely Rose

    OMG!! I love the preview. I can’t wait to purchase a few. Been waiting for the birth of this masterpiece.
    Congratulations!!  Much love, peace and abundance to you and your family Mr. Honor. Thank you!!

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