ISIS ex-wife interview (Tanya Joya) Truth Sentinel with Scott episode 93

ISIS ex-wife interview (Tanya Joya) Truth Sentinel with Scott episode 93

I chat to Tanya Joya – ex-wife of John Georgelas, one of ISIS’s senior commanders.

We talk about extremism, religion, culture, relationships and whether someone can be de-radicalised.

Tania Choudhury married Islamic extremist John Georgelas in Rochdale, 2004
A key recruiter for ISIS, Georgelas, 33, is originally from America and a convert
He convinced a pregnant Joya to take their three young boys to Syrian warzone
She eventually fled to US and divorced Choudhury, and lives a Western lifestyle

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Tania Joya was a devout Muslim from London. Her husband, John Georgelas, was a convert to Islam from Texas. For ten years they both believed in jihad and a caliphate. But when they moved to Syria and Georgelas became an Isis commander, his pregnant wife changed her mind and fled to America with their three children. Now her story is making headlines on both sides of the Atlantic

Yahya al-Bahrumi born John Georgelas, (born 1983, he has also called himself Ioannis Georgilakis and used the kunya Yahya Abu Hassan) is an American-born convert to Islam, jihadist, Islamic scholar, and supporter of the Islamic State (ISIL).[1] He is reported to have impressed Arab Muslims with his “mastery of Islamic law and classical Arabic language and literature”, and was reportedly close to Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the ISIL spokesman, chief strategist, and director of foreign terror operations (before his death in 2016).


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