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  • Klokinator

    I understand needing to pay the bills, but literally 20% of your videos are shilling for smartcash. It’s kind of annoying, Ben. Every five videos, without fail, is a Smartcash video.

  • Brandon E. Smith

    Why not open an account on Patreon? I know a guy there who receives $5,000 a month from supporters, which allows him to make at least three videos a week.

  • Zachary Thomas

    Stop hating on Ben, he’s not changing his narrative or stand points like most of the alternative media sellouts. He needs to make money too. You don’t work for free so don’t expect Ben to. Listen to the short video, give him a thumbs up and enjoy his investigative journalism on many important issues.

  • *E*

    Hey Ben, I always hear about George Soros and what he’s behind but I honestly don’t understand exactly who he’s supposed to be. Your videos are so exact and fact based but also typically pretty quick that I was wondering if you’d consider doing a special piece just sort of introducing Soros and showing his history in until now so that people like me can understand better? This is probably silly but I thought I’d ask. Thanks Ben!! You’re terrific!!

  • Flightrisk

    I used to watch your content but now I realize that you play only with certain truths. Crypto will lead us directly into the smartgrid which is a prison, much worse than the current. You are a sellout yo?. Find your way back or stay comfy in the “smart” zone

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