The Ochelli Effect 10-22-2018.Hour 2

On a Moon Day, Chuck thinks Jordan is not going to make the show, but he does.

So, Jordan Maxwell and Chuck continue the series of discussions on religion.

Listener questions fuel much of the dialog.

Is 9-11-2001 an elaborate ritual? Does more than one cult have a monopoly on sexual deviation?

Who are the people of The Book? Is The Roman Empire still breathing? What is a cannibal?

Jordan answers these and many other questions. This is not a typical interface.

The narrative of the solar deity and the many layers of code within the book we call the Bible are fascinating when tracking the meaning of the greatest story ever told.

This series will continue until Jordan feels as though it is done.

The Roman walls still draw crowds. Who is the king of the druids? Two moon cults are at war constantly.

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