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  • Universal Babe

    He’s right about death. In the Western world death has become this scary thing. It has also been medicalised and often happens within a hospital setting. Lots of people are unnecessarily hooked up to syringe drivers and other mechanical things, BP machines etc. Does it really matter what is happening with your BP if you are dying? My Dad refused to take anything or be put on to anything and he died at home in his own bed as requested. I looked after him with his wife until the end. It was calm and loving.

    I have seen many people die and not all deaths are as good. You often end up in a hospital with family standing around looking scared and embarrassed, particularly in the UK where you can be on a ward with little privacy. You have to walk through the hospital when you are not at your best. This may be the right place for many who are ill and dying, but it’s also the wrong place for many, many others.

    However before we can look at good deaths we need to look at good lives. We need to look at who we are and then we could make death a more spiritual event like it is in other countries and not so entwined with medicalisation of every thing from the cradle to the grave.

  • passive FIST

    the ultimate new age mumbo jumbo.. he trains his audience to respond instantly on cue by presenting problems that only he is able to see clearly, yet, no solutions, no anchored points to explore.. just him telling us we’ve got it all wrong, but… he doesnt… did I miss anything? dont be a noddin your head at everything new age sheeple listening to charlatans like this… think!

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