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  • davidmcccsf

    This is true. My husband works in a doctor’s office and everything Ben says here is 100% FACT. Though it is even worse than stated. It is crazy how much catering he brings home daily. They cater twice the amount of food the whole office could eat. And vacation trips. It is crazy nuts. Probably similar to what politicians get from their lobbyists. Everything is corrupt. EVERYTHING!

  • Travis M

    That is why you don’t go to a MD for your health lol. Go to an ND. An ND is a general doctor that is geared toward your health. MD is someone that is a specialist in something like surgery. ND doesn’t push pharmaceutical drugs

  • Agent76

    4-3-2016 Told She Would Die, Canadian Mom Credits Cannabis Oil for Surviving Cancer

    After only five weeks of nothing but cannabis oil supplements, the family received a call from her oncologist with information about a current CT scan that had shown a ‘dramatic improvement’ in her liver, and a 25% reduction in her tumors. She went in for surgery to have the tumors removed, but as her husband noted in an interview:“Both tumors were completely dead when they ran them through tests.” – Chris Pearson Three months after her supposed “end of life date,” in March of 2014, she was officially in remission, and she feels certain that cannabis oil saved her life.


  • radiohead4everrrrr

    is there any way I can donate to this channel? Rarely get to see quality video journalism like this anymore.

  • WisconsinEric

    There are only three things Allopathic Medicine does well…

    1. Set Broken Bones.
    2. Remove pieces of your Body.
    3. Prescribe deadly Drugs.

    That’s it folks, Traditional Western Allopathic Medicine is not Health Care, and when Obama put his name on it Nothing Changed!

  • TheDavidDaoud

    Before you agree to take any medication prescribed by your doctor, research the pros and cons of it first on the internet. Be sure it’s right for you before you swallow that first pill.

  • D Rutter

    I worked as a nurse here in Canada until 10 years ago. This video is pretty accurate in describing what was going on in the health care industry here back then (and probably now as well).

  • TheNekoman123

    western medicine has allowed many of us to live longer and healthier. sorry green nuts, homeopathy, and new age freaks. but it was vaccines, sanitation, and modern medical research that improved the living standards of billions globally. that being said generally there is alot of healthy skepticism to be had. but I don’t believe a guy like Ben swann would go put and make claims like this if they were not true. after all there is nothing wrong with doctors or their staff being wine and dined to sell medication. there is nothing wrong with sales meetings. however some oversight and regulation would be helpful disclosure agreements would be a step in the right direction.

  • latewire

    Nobody’s a fan if big pharma but try and be a little bit less sensationalistic and propagandizing…
    Uh there is already disclosure of even a free lunch by pharmaceutical companies. You have to report it on your taxes and it’s PUBLICLY SEARCHABLE-a rough estimate of how much you /your office got. This is poorly researched. Ask a doctor, not a nurse. As far as education: Prove it. I never had any paid advertisements in my pharm class. Viagra was just another drug. As far as “best practices,” how about you take a look at what is recommended — mostly cheapo generics.

  • cass c

    this is right up there with politicians with no environmental background working on environment policies, etc
    democracy is broken, your government has been bought

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