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  • Charles Eye

    Simple recourse. Every penny of the profits from such activities should be seized. The victims should get whatever percentage is necessary to cover their recovery and the rest should be returned to the rest of the people who bought the drug. This, of course, is on top of any civil compensation anyone should want to sue for, nit in place of it. Plus, all parties responsible should be held criminally responsible.

  • CmdrGendoIkari

    Maximum profit really is the only thing the big pharmaceutical corporations give a fuck about. They couldn’t care any less that you died, so long as they made money off of you first.

  • kmg501

    This is beginning to sound like Swann is pitching material to eventually steer people towards a single payer health system which would be a complete disaster. The problem with big pharma is cronyism and accountability. But this isn’t a problem limited to big pharma, this is a problem that has infected many markets with the cancer of cronyism. I’m wondering if Swann is going to at some point make a case for liberty and accountability. Or in otherwords, has Swann also sold out to special interests.

  • FreedomThroughPower

    We need Amazon style reviews for medicine. The FDA just gives people a false sense of security and people don’t research drugs before they take them. We need to get rid of the FDA because then people would research drugs before taking them.
    The supplement industry doesn’t have that false sense of security (the FDA) and people do research before taking supplements and not that many people die from supplements.

  • Helena Romao

    My cat went crazy and blind after eating cat biscuits…she is well now but never did recover her sight…completely blind, although nothing seems wrong with her …amazing…the corporations are poisoning pet foods.

  • Steven Green

    imipramine is what they wanted to put me on for anxiety, some of the side effects are constipation, or diarrhea. ow and my breasts may swell. marijuana makes my life copable unfortunately I live in nys where Cuomo is taking his time cause he’s probably making money off the pharmaceutical companies and doesn’t want to lose his revenue. I have been suffering from ADHD as long as I can remember, marijuana brings that to a halt, and far as my anxiety marijuana makes it copable, can get it though I rather my anxiety than become a statistic to the pharmaceutical companies

  • gluglamana

    i took accutane around 8 years ago, still one of the only decisions i regret in life because of the long term effects like dry eyes/lips

  • Celticsfan969

    What does that mean though? A lot of these videos are great for spreading information about an issue, but there’s no real solution offered here. What am I supposed to do to help fix it?

  • ฿rian

    i don’t necessarily have a problem with those pharma companies, the problem is the government. abolish the fda and let people take whatever drugs they want without a prescription. at the same time make them be responsible for the negative effects.
    allow a ngo to test and report on drugs, same goes for food inspection and all other inefficient corrupt gov functions.

  • Yt3912487

    accutane is stil prescribed and the link to depression seems weak. i looked into it when i was prescribed it.

  • Found Sheep

    I took Accutane. I was miserable because one of the side effects is that it dries out your skin. I had to drink endless water everyday, and cake my flaking face with facial lotion throughout the day. However, after the treatment, it really helped my acne.

  • Manning713

    Our govt knows exactly whats going on they just fail to take action. Im from Boston and heroine is everywhere and people are dying by the minute. It all starts with the drs. RX of any pain killer then your addicted. Back when Oxycontin came out the label on the bottle read “NOT HABBIT FORMING” ! Just really sad

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