Nikki Jago – Western Woman Problems

Nikki joins us for a conversation about White women and motherhood. She begins by sharing the story of her experience dealing with a pediatrician who was pushing the noxious Similac formula for her infant, and what happened when Nikki decided to take charge of her daughter’s health by making her own baby food. We discuss natural remedies for common health problems and the benefits of preserving the primordial family structure. We also consider the importance of teaching our children about their heritage, and how to get around the anti-White propaganda that is pushed in the media and public schools. Nikki talks about her awakening to the war on European people, along with the politically correct cultural Marxist programming that is driving women away from fulfilling their natural motherly instincts. We reflect on the perverted imagery of pagan women and European sisterhood, and Nikki describes how she has managed to maintain a tightknit bond amongst her sisters and women folk. We end with thoughts on upholding harmony and balance in patriarchal and matriarchal relationships, and what it takes for families to achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.
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  • mikedpker55

    The Jew has always been a subhuman force of decay and death. Their desire
    is that us, and any people on the planet with noble and good
    characteristics be destroyed and completely eradicated from the face of the
    earth. The entirety of their history has been a rebellion against mans true
    Hated by man, he is the anti man and Anti-Christ, And yet he still exists.
    Here is a great article to read !!

  • aurlis2012

    “Doctors” are paid by Big Pharma industries to promote their products.
    Don’t trust them, trust your instincts and do extensive research. A 3 month
    old child getting suppositories? Jesus. Not surprised the doctor was

  • Rules and Terms

    The media began using the term ‘white’ about 1970. Those of us born before
    that, in us, know are nationalities. My lines go back 160 – 300 yrs in
    america. It has been only recently these nationality groups have been
    broken up by so much moving & instability.

  • TheRockShow182

    Seriously Weston A Price. That poor kid. That recipe has to be just as bad
    on another level as the formula. Disgusting. So much by product and filler
    in something you’re making yourself?!

  • jerry henrie

    White women who race mix are commiting treason against their heritage,
    their own race and kind. If any white women who marries black men and
    brings more black babies into the world, please go to your black
    motherinlaw for help as the white grandparents are getting sick of little
    black kids to raise.

  • Eric Towser

    Well i feel that women ARE the problem. It’s just in their biology. A woman
    is never satisfied no matter what social position she’s in. It’s the notion
    deep inside her makeup that she’s been given a raw deal by nature, what
    with her physical weakness, the menstrual cycle and the pain of
    childbirth. . Fact 85% of interracial marriages/relationships are committed
    by white women.

  • Drake Dorosh

    I checked out the review for the Kosher baby formula. I seemed like the
    people felt persecuted by the higher price of a higher quality product.
    Ironically it was the people would were told the cheaper stuff was the
    better are the real victims. Goy children indeed.

  • Jeff Kline

    The reality is this current male dominated system has been completely
    hijacked. Males are not the warriors, leaders, spiritual leaders that they
    are suppose to be. This corrupted system has weakened men and their place,
    and all the positive that man was to be has now become diluted into the
    gaining of material things, or focused on acts of aggression in these wars
    they are being drug (drugged) into. And the main cause of this is men are
    out of balance due to the strict social conditioning that tells them they
    have to be aggressive, hostile, angry… a man who is has balanced feminine
    and masculine is the a true God-Man. This “balance” is the last thing the
    system wants, it fears this and so it promotes hate, revenge, anger as
    virtues of manhood. Women are vital to balancing the energies of humanity
    and the earth itself. That is why women have been targeted by this current
    system: strong women have been systematically purged throughout time.
    Because the system knows when the women wake up pull the blinders off of
    their men, the men will become the warriors we are meant to be.

  • Sorba

    Great show! Women need to reconnect. Love your insight in this, and surely
    feel too that the European women hold something very deep and powerful,
    that in harmonious state would make a profound difference on how we view
    the world.

  • Hidden Earth Theory

    Critique: Good interview though the blonde hair reference made me wonder
    … I assume short of questioning Nikki on this you were compelled to
    devise your preamble declaring your position, good, I’m with you there but
    I would have prefered you delved into this live as Nikki made reference to
    her seemingly ideal view of a blonde haired peopled society as if she
    thinks Europeans with black hair are less desirable. Nikki, was sold short
    here if this is not her view. Regardless, the interview brought up many
    good issues and is well worth the entire listen.

    Please keep in mind how this very late European-American desire (or
    resurgence) to come together more-wholly and completely, exclusive to other
    peoples and ethnicities now in our societies, is great culturally, but
    today it is an all-out, all-race, world-wide attack we are all-under and we
    need each other as much as possible.

    Yes, come together, recognizing your European roots and identity, great,
    but this isn’t the days where we can just pick up and trek to some distant
    promised land. We have to deal with the reality of the day, the reality we
    helped create, and unless we have a kingdom and land apart, we are not
    apart. As the foreigner becomes Amercanized after one generation, we are
    thoroughly Americanized! Yes, come together, then when you realize the
    limitations as all people and nations are now realizing, look to the
    government that is not your government anymore but rather foreign! We have
    lost our government or it is undeniably apparent now it never was our
    government (i.e., US, Britain, Europe, Australia and so on), this is the
    problem above all problems.

    Who are these people ruling us? We have been reduced to a Youtube video!
    The internet! A virtual world of discontent while we put on a charade and
    do as everyone else does in real life. We are doomed if we don’t step it up
    quick! First, turn their mass deceptive media propaganda outlets off! Then
    start to look at the world as it really is. We are just one false flag away
    from all slaughtering each other to death in another world war. Everyone,
    all races, need to become aware of these maniacal hidden entities at the
    helms of our world, orchestrating and playing us all like the ineffectual
    playthings we’ve become. There is no pride in this, not for anyone, or any

  • Laurie Burgess

    I was taught at a young age, to take care of myself no matter how old one
    gets. I grew up in a great upper class neighborhood and the rich ladies
    were middle aged and older and WOW I really admired them. They would not
    come out of the house until they were ready for the day. Most were slim,
    classy, feminine, and beautiful. I always thought, I want to be like them
    when I get older. I am finally at middle age and I am sticking to the
    promise I made to myself at age 8. I am 48 and like myself more now than
    ever. I live in a white rural world. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I
    like the neighbor’s and I am proud to be a 6 ft 1 blonde white woman. I am
    married and have two children. My son is good looking and he is looking for
    a good girl. He can’t stand the behavior of the young ones that he has seen
    in his life so far. He is 6 ‘ 7″, blonde, slim with green eyes. I want him
    to find a nice blonde to have little blonde babies. I mean that’s what we
    are, we are blonde. I am proud of that.

    • Hidden Earth Theory

      +Yet another name. Shame on you for writing such filth, such disrespect to
      someone only sharing their take on something–whether you agree or
      disagree. Many people DO NOT even share on the internet because of violent
      ‘trolls’ lurking with such caustic vitriol as you’ve exhibited here. Shame!
      You may even have a valid take yourself but you can not contain your rage
      and hate–which your kind cowardly delivers only thanks to an anonymous
      medium where you can get away it.

    • Yet another name.

      +Laurie Burgess Laurie.. You have had ur white girl ass kissed since you
      were a little baby. A white male ur age has been told how he has wronged
      women, Indians, blacks , Japanese etc etc…His whole life..!!! were you
      strapped to a stainless table and circumcised when you were born? With no
      anesthesia? No nothing… Of course u weren’t. But you still hold to the
      victim mentality..???Cuz some cunt in Africa is being sliced? Is that
      it?But yet millions of ur white males are being mutilated everyday. But you
      don’t give a fuck do you?Have you been told how you have wronged and robbed
      the other gender and other races over and over and over and over again?
      YOU… DO YOU? Are you mocked in all movies? Are you mocked in all
      A MOM !!!But you feel so empowered to stand like it was you who was
      mistreated. !! Let me tell you somethin… You .. YES, YOU LAURIE BURGESS

    • Laurie Burgess

      +Hidden Earth Theory I never thought in my life that I would say that I
      like myself and want to pass my genes on to my children and they pass them
      on as well. I don’t get paid for anything I say. I am not weakening any
      kind of unity. Television and media is doing that and making a great deal
      of money to divide and teach people hate. In my opinion, they are losing.
      Every person should like who they are and do the best with what they have.

    • Hidden Earth Theory

      +Laurie Burgess A division between ‘white people with blonde hair and white
      people with other colored hair’, no wonder we are where we are! If I didn’t
      know any better I’d say this is a paid dissenter/saboteur, and yet another
      scheme/tactic to weaken any kind of unity.

  • Zara Pine

    The secret is to stay away from the doctors if at all possible. With my 5
    kids, after giving birth at hospital and doing the 10 week check up, I have
    been back about 10 times over the last 24 with them all. i research and
    learn how to assist if they do have problems – I use simple natural
    remedies such as colloidal minerals (particularly zinc, magnesium, silver),
    poultices (potato mostly which is good for burns, serious or otherwise),
    salt and liquid chlorophyll (topical and internal, gargle for sore
    throats), charcoal for vomiting and diarrhea, oregano oil, propolis (kills
    staph and other nasties), hydrogen peroxide (great for ear infections and
    skin infections) and have applied suture closures for cuts that are not too
    deep but probably would have taken a stitch or too and viola. Take back
    your power and educate yourself. The real battle is in our minds with
    information but we live in the era of information yet people wish to give
    away their power to others. Good on you Nikki! All power to you. : ) Oh and
    we all take supplements several times a year (liquid vitamins and minerals
    and green powders)

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