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1. How to Invest in Bitcoin – Open an account and trade
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3. Bitcoin Advanced series – How to trade on exchanges like Binance and Poloniex
4. Portfolio Construction – How to pick winning securities and lessen risk
5. Asset allocation models – How to build a mini-portfolio soon to be BIG
6. Security analysis – What are the best coins / alt coins to buy and why?
7. Alt-coin analysis and recommendations – Pick winners with 1,000%+ possible returns
8. Investing Strategy – How do I evaluate my tolerance for risk and build a long-term plan
9. Common Pitfalls / Security – How to secure your offline wallet with confidence and product reviews
10. Guest Interviews / Commentary – Leading commentators from around the world in the crypto community
11. Private forums and Livestream Q&A w/ Christopher Greene

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(11-7-18) In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV joins the Bad Crypto podcast in Las Vegas.



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  • ain't dat snipes

    everything is fake,central banks print around the clock,pay for buy every mofo thing ,beyond rigged….land of rigged illusion/pretend matrix!

  • Cosmic Justice

    This is why the public really needs to be aware of the following unrealized biblical contradiction’s………A God that would have two people with identical DNA, resorting to incest and inbreeding to populate the world. Remember, Eve was begotten from Adams left rib. If two people with the same blood, populated the world, we would all be of the same race. Adam and Eve fell, because an all knowing God tempted them in the first place using his perfect angel we know today as Satan, to eat from the tree of knowledge. This is why man is born in sin in the first place. This is why an all knowing God would have to give up his only son in the first place. Its all because God could not make a perfect angel . This is why we even need this shit in the first place. I wonder about the Angel’s he already had, that for some unexplained reason, he would have to make a perfect one??
    A god who attempted to create a perfect angel only to create the devil instead. This is why we need this in the first place. An all knowing god who needs to test people. A god, who long ago before he even existed, who one day decided to create his own beginning. Nothing that does not exist, can create its own beginning. Another god who needs a Pimp to sell that almighty ass. Another god we can only read about. We can only read about all gods. And they all need man to convince the world that they exist. They all need a pimp to sell that ass. We have been reading about gods for thousands of years now to no avail. Time to move forward and Evolve beyond where we are today! Another god who needs a publisher and a copy right. An all knowing and all seeing and all loving god who sits back and watches the whole world go to shit. An all knowing God who should have known that Moses would break both stone tablet’s containing the laws of God, on his way down Mount Olive. A god who needs an army of child molesting DOG’S to confess our sin’s too. A god who always needs more MONEY!”. These messed up contradictions, conflicts with the divine attributes that define the existence of god.They don’t want the people informed and capable of rational thinking and or independent thought for Obvious reasons!, What they really want, is a sleeping population dependent upon the Drug Company’s, so that they are unable to rise up and resist the New World Order. 70% of America alone, is dependent upon the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY’S to sustain there Mental and Physical health! They even have our pet’s on drugs now. When they get enough of the global population dependent on Pharmaceutical Drugs, then they may then Chip us.”Real Leverage at it’s best!” 🙂 The return of Jesus, the sun, is an astrological allegory. It is the return of the planet x system that has a sun and a dark star ( The black angel of death). In the bible one of Christs disciples asks about his return and Jesus replies, Do not be so eager for my return for it shall be a dark day on earth when I do return with Hell behind me. The bible reads that the earth will shake and the sky will grow dark with fire and brimstone falling to the earth. This sounds like an event triggered by a big earth quake that sets off a supper volcano, triggered by this incoming system.

  • Gregg Jackson

    I believe that we are at the end of the end times. Trumps peace plan will Usher in the 7 year tribulation and if you are not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ you are going to have to endure God’s wrath during the 7 year tribulation read the book of revelation of Jesus Christ. Gets save to day. All of this nonsense about the next global currency is a waste of time. The next economic system will be the beast system then you will have to have the mark of the beast and sell your soul to satan and spend eternity in hell if you want to buy or sell. Get saved today and stop diverting your attention from the things that really matter with this nonsense.

  • Chuck Chuck

    Stfu you been saying this all this time. I thing ever happens you just want money you are rich why do you want more .

  • The,Awakened satan within christ

    I don’t like ghosts digital money as digital is lazy way click here swipe here or there having paper money can’t be hacked into thin air same for gold or silver coins or small chips as prices of gold like good old days it doesn’t disappear.

  • Natura Trading

    Just realized I ve been following AMTV for 10 years now…and Chris is defo bouncing back on bitcoin…lets take this world wide

  • David Burton

    Fine. But you still don’t get it. NONE of the money anyone has ever used actually belongs to us. Bitcoin, a FAKE (Yes it is) scarce commodity is just another of THEIR brands of money. I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. We need our own money and we certainly will not get it anywhere on THEIR internet. Most people increasingly want less to do with THEIR internet, so the real need is for people who will NEVER use THEIR internet: Hope to hear from you. Best

  • gatorred157

    i look at the money system its like the titanic that all ready hit the ice berg in 2008 and has been proped up since that, delay the fact its (the money system) is sinking!!

  • Mike Kelly

    Crypto is a medium of exchange, not a resource or an asset.. In other words, it’s subject to wild speculation and manipulation… Good luck!!

  • army man

    The Zionist EVIL JoooooZ run and own everything ! Round them up, beat the living fuck out of all of them, then burn them alive !

  • Daniel Vargo


  • army man

    The billionaire Jews wants to chop the dicks off poor babys so they can’t ex ok experience the orgasm…only the wealthy should..sick mother fuckers !

  • AsiA I.

    stupid smelly crackers quit using the Sanskrit word AryA and quit using the word guru that is not for smelly illegalcrackers in stolen America. you whites are going to diE’

  • Jonathan Moreno

    Here in ft worth people have money but i think they dont see thr serious financial situation we are in ..its down to tbe wire i dont see us having much more time and money will save no one.

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