EXCLUSIVE: Bilderberg Member Openly Speaks About The Meeting And ISIS/CIA! MUST SEE!

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews first time Bilderberg attendee Maurizio Molinari editor and chief of La Stampa about his experience and his views on ISIS being created by the CIA. Reserve your Investigate Bilderberg T-Shirt ➜ https://teespring.com/InvestigateBilderberg2017

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  • Geoffrey Pratt

    I believe he is suggesting that the conditioning process is working. That a few well placed attacks in the media, has induced a mass fear in society.

  • Polly Phemus

    yeah you really were NOT listening to him. wow.
    “It was a disaster” he said. You didn’t say “what was?”
    SMH. All that money to go there… Dan. Dan, dan, dan….

  • Totalitarian TV

    Maurizio Molinari (1964) was born in Rome, Italy, and is the Middle East Correspondent of “La Stampa”. He wrote 15 books on American politics, New York, Italian foreign policy and Italian Jewry. His first book “Jews in Italy, a Problem of Identity (1870-1938)” was published by Giuntina in 1991 while the most recent is “The Eagle and the Butterfly” by Rizzoli, in 2013. Also in 2012 it was published by New Academia Publishing “The Italians of New York”, the English edition of the original “Gli italiani di New York” (Laterza, 2011). He lives in Jerusalem with his family.

  • Nancy McDougall

    I did not put this video on my psycho playlist along with the other Bilderberg members; this was a nice guy.

  • whycivilequalsinsane

    you didn’t ask his name or ask about a link between the “fireworks” and the similtaneous london attacks, but sell your site. he won. this is what youtube wants.

  • Erika Nann

    This man was truly polite, kind and patient. Dan and the others came off like pesty flies. It is so true to first connect to the other as we are all human beings. Dan was not listening, he was simply pushy and rude. I get how doing this job could bring that out of anyone, but it would be good to have the wax out of your ears. That being said I really like this channel and what Dan stands for. It’s a tough job and I respect all of it. 🙂

  • Michelle K.

    I agree withe others that the title made it seem like he broke a story. I wish people wouldn’t EXAGGERATE their videos or intentionally lie in the title. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this done (not on this channel.) It really discredits them.

    The guy was a reporter, he didn’t even ask him who he was & what books he wrote. It was clear who the professional was.

    Then you are right, there was no sympathy for what happened. He didn’t even get the story of what happened, I had to read it here. I only guessed by what the guy said.

    I get that he was hyper & it’s been a long few days, but overall it was just very unprofessionally done.

    This was another reason why I stopped watching “The Turks,” because it was all about THEIR bashing instead of actually reporting.

    I don’t mind comments AFTER the news is reported, but if nothing is ever reported, or it’s all a person’s opinion, it’s not REAL journalism & it’s NOT fact!

    In fact, die hard REAL mainstream journalists have been complaining about this for years, that this generation of mainstream journalists don’t know what they are doing.

    I want the truth, plus also some professionalism. I’m not anal retentive, I’m very down to earth, but I need to trust in the news I’m watching.

  • Mike F

    He was talking, you just weren’t listening Dan. You were like a 16 yo girl at her first slumber party. Fucking chill out. Talking is more than just words. Body language, facial movement. Then posting a comment about getting your first mole, lol. I doubt that’s gonna fucking fly, lol.

  • Gackt Kun

    You guys are not getting the hint from this guy. You are in a public area where anyone can monitor anyone’s conversation and therefore he is giving you a hint and you (Dan) are not getting his signals at all. You ignored his info on Turin, and you probably took that info as a diversionary tactic. He provided you the opening already but I guess you are too impatient and keep pressing on Bilderberg to get quick, direct answers.

  • William Thomas Anderson

    If you use the professional term “journalist” to describe yourself and work using headlines that are misleading would be a critical sign of your legitimacy. I’ve worked for two Canadian newspapers and if one of our journalists used your current headline in conjunction with the content you posted it would never get past a legitimate editor, in modern terms you headline is click bate to sucker in viewers and is a poor reflection on journalism as a profession, please rethink your approach…

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