Cannabis Activists Demand Answers From Trudeau During Winnipeg Visit

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Winnipeg for the Biennial Liberal Party Convention, many activists gathered outside the doors of the Winnipeg Convention Center to demand answers from Trudeau regarding cannabis rights as countless people are thrown in prison for possession of marijuana, for selling cannabis to medical marijuana patients at dispensaries and for growing marijuana.
As several businesses were raided in Toronto, people are noticing that Trudeau was basically just “blowing smoke” during the election claiming he was going to legalize cannabis. In actuality, countless people are being arrested after thinking it’s safe to come out as a marijuana user. It was almost like a set up. Trudeau got elected largely on the vow to legalize marijuana and people are disgusted by his constant cop outs.
Josh Sigurdson spoke with rally organizer Steven Stairs (a blind medical cannabis user) about Trudeau’s broken promises and the excuses he has been trying to feed people.
Steven is an incredible passionate activist who has hosted the 420 celebrations and protests for several years. Steven has spoken with Trudeau publicly in the past to which Trudeau assured him that he would not allow a nanny state to continue under his watch and that he would legalize. When asked what he’d say to Trudeau if he was speaking with him today, Steven said, “If you’re going to shut us out of the conversation, then you’re basically making your own totalitarian decisions and that’s not government, that’s dictatorship.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Stay tuned for much more from Trudeau’s recent Winnipeg visit!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Steven Stairs
Josh Sigurdson

Camera work:
Josh Sigurdson
John Doull

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Alberto Humova

    Justin Trudeau just wanted to be a prime minister, for the prestige of
    following his legendary father.

    Anything else goes over his head, he leave it to the grownup establishment
    power corporation.

  • kmg501

    All over the western world people are getting a lesson in that they have
    been conned into voting for internationalists. These internationalists have
    never cared one iota about the country that they were elected in, they only
    ever deliver empty platitudes and bromides. I’m glad this is happening, it
    is such a big and obvious lesson that western media systems are all
    completely corrupt. They have been the main driving force that conned the
    people who listened to them. A big truth is emerging from multiple angles
    now. Soon this truth will be too big to deny and ignore by the masses. The
    people will put the pieces of the puzzle together for themselves, finally.
    A day of political reckoning is coming.

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