Bitcoin Surge Explained and The Future Of Cryptocurrencies

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In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante on the future of bitcoin and economic affects that Donald Trump will have on the global economy.

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  • Ace Nine

    Your problem with fiat currencies is that they’re not backed up by
    anything. Is that not what Bitcoin is? Bitcoin is just some number out in
    the ether. How is this not prone to the same sort of problems other
    currencies face?

  • Paul Chapman

    Hay Jeff if i come to the Anarcapulco Event will you sort me out with some
    of that weed you have been smoking? you look battered :-)

  • Fatalsprigs

    This is very dangerous, to get rid of currency would be to open all
    borders. People will be able to get anything from anywhere and a huge
    amount of currency could become concentrated in very terrible countries
    like north korea.

  • Numero Set

    Bitcoin has policy controls built into it. The issuance is on a schedule,
    the total amount is predetermined, and it is distributed to whoever is
    willing to spend the most money validating the system through the mining
    process. I’m not knocking bitcoin in general, but I am knocking the idea
    that it lacks a central authority, and that central authorities name is
    satoshi nakamoto.

  • The Inside Pocket

    1 bitcoin is worth over $1000 Dollars but when Dollars are worth nothing,
    does that not also make that 1 bitcoin worth nothing? You can’t sell 1
    bitcoin for more bitcoins, so essentially if I’m lucky I might be able to
    use it once and that’s my lot.

  • Tyberius Fox

    Smokin’ Berwick.

    Also, Jeranism as a guest speaker? That dude can’t reason himself out a
    paper bag, what the fuck?

  • JenniFree

    Anarchapulco is the best conference everr (for those who have liberated
    themselves from the need for rulers, and don’t want to restrict other
    humans from using money)!

    Come for the awesome people.. & maybe even stay because Mexico is more
    free! : D

    Also, I dig this interview format

  • Deanna Evans

    Shut the internet off? Screw that gold and silver is the way to go for me!
    If you cant hold it you don’t own it!

  • Henrik Wallin

    Bitcoin’s two deadliest problems are firstly that it costs a lot for a
    transaction and secondly that there is no upper limit to its value. The
    lack of upper value for example means that it’s insane to borrow (short)
    bitcoins and it also means that there will always be instability, and what
    if suddenly some very old bitcoins that where thought to be lost appears
    and now are worth more than the rest of the planet?

    There has to come a crypto currency or maybe extension that solves these
    two problems. With billions of Indians and Chinese needing a solution badly
    right now, I hope that will be solved in the middle of the year.

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