Facebook Jamal Khashoggi Ad Ochelli Effect 10-23-2018 Pearse Redmond Hour 2

Facebook Jamal Khashoggi Ad
Ochelli Effect 10-23-2018 Pearse Redmond Hour 2

Tuesday night shows are always illuminating. Michael Swanson used a clip from Chuck’s interview with Walt Brown to make a new Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7njmyEAYu28

Mike Swanson runs https://wallstreetwindow.com and is the author of the books Strategic Stock Trading and The War State. He also is affiliated with the Neopolis Media Group, which is a group of historians, educators, authors, researchers, and free speech advocates who endeavor to provide original and engaging content, including The Ochelli Effect, and The Lone Gunman Podcast.

Our attention turns from the markets to Sling TV and the collection of data by Facebook and other sites as they collect creepy levels of information.

Pearse Redmond joins the conversation in the second hour. Is there a better body double in the house?

MBS and the Turkish dictator seem to be playing with the Jamal Khashoggi narrative. Chuck and Pearse speculate about the motives.

Is there any other news? Why is it strange to see alternative and mainstream media with the same talking points? Is this a botched assassination cover-up?

Is the king feeble? Is Trump stupid? Is anybody buying any of these excuses they keep offering? Isn’t there a better way to dispose of a body?

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