Special Dogmatic Theology Part Thirteen Ochelli Effect 10-29-2018 Jordan Maxwell Hour 1

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Thirteen
Ochelli Effect 10-29-2018 Jordan Maxwell Hour 1

On a Moon Day Jordan Maxwell Returns

So, Jordan Maxwell and Chuck continue the series of discussions on religion.

Listener questions about Israel, and the people who claim the land was promised to them by the Lord. Which lord is that?

Who are the people of The Book? Is The Roman Empire still breathing? What is a cannibal? What is a Nasi?

Many cultures have worshiped the Sun and The Moon. What is the genetic reality of the “chosen” people? Why is the number 12 a constant?

Jordan answers these and many other questions. This is not a typical interface.

The narrative of the solar deity and the many layers of code within the book we call the Bible are fascinating when tracking the meaning of the greatest story ever told.

This series will continue until Jordan feels as though it is done. German connections to the allegedly Semitic people.

Who is the king of the druids? Two moon cults are at war constantly, and the Sun is still followed

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Thirteen

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  • janne korhonen

    The jewish roots goes back for over 5000 years and the jewish king david founded jerusalem 3.300 years ago ! The name palestine was given by romans ( hadrianus) and it referes to philistinians who was a seefolk from indoeurope ( near greece ) and they have absolytely nothing to do with these filthy fake palestinians !

  • janne korhonen

    Israel is jewish homeland ! If you are an christian you can read it in the bible ! If you are an muslim you can read it in the quoran ! If you are an atheist you can read it in the history books !

  • janne korhonen

    Nobody can be that imbecile . . . Israels history is 100 % proven ! It have been proven on every level ,in writen history,in archelogy findings,on genealogy charts

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