The Unspoken Reason Behind The Yellow Vests Protest – Timothé Vorgenss

Timothé Vorgenss from Suavelos in France join Henrik to talk about the unspoken reality behind the reason for the ‘Yellow vests’ protest movement.

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About The Author


  • Louis Baldino

    I hope European countries get these dirty GLOBALIST CUCKS out and tell em their not taking their shit no more they have let their militaries dwindle and should be strong and not be taken over by paper pushing cunts and board room bottom line asshats!!!

  • Irish Paine

    Every “working class”white man in North West Europe is voiceless,frustrated and sad,whilst the rest of the world see them as racist bigots.This will end badly.

  • Johnny Red

    French people: Pay less tax, drive less, spend less. Then the gov’t won’t be able to afford all the assistance payments for the migrants, or even to pay the police! Make the police realize that they are working against the people.

  • DisgruntledSlav

    Maybe Macron should have read on what happened last time a great mass of French people got angry….people were losing their heads over it left and right XD.

  • Gigsro Uiy

    You need to do more shows on illustrating how Jews are suffering and Israel as the majority or welfare dependents with no economic freedoms no ability to really participate in the economy surrounded by War and talk of War rumors of War misery. We have the misery index which is derived from two components that are exacerbated by government in collusion with globalist elitist switch creative condition by only the few benefits while the majority suffer. Jews Catholics Muslims atheists show me one who does not pay taxes? And I’ll show you a super Elite top of the food chain person that benefits at the expense of the majority, otherwise this channel is going to continue to look like a Jew hater but the rumors are building and that maybe just because you guys don’t have a good working knowledge base of economics and where true Equity comes from, that’s yet to be determined, but we are either tolerated by YouTube or completely eliminated by YouTube, it’s your choice evolve or don’t doesn’t matter to me

  • Matt thew

    So it actually comes as a surprise to the French people that Macron is a corporate shill?? Lol. Should have voted for Marine le pen

  • Gates of Gergovia

    The ‘Left’ as well as the (actually non-existent) ‘Right’ are both traitors controlled by hostile aliens from the Middle East.
    Politics is nothing but a puppet show for adults.
    What we are looking at is a war between Whites on one side, Jewish-led and -financed Browns, Blacks and Beiges on the other.
    Instead of waving French (republican) flags, they should be carrying the Gallic boar standard.
    Most flags of today are really just symbols of cuckery, one way or another.

  • Meech

    French government and the media are 1 in the same and make up stories trying to persecute the ancestral people of the nation.. calling them far Right Radicals. Sounds familiar we are the Radicals cause we are refusing to allow these globalist dictators take over our countries.

  • Jackenstein Meoffberg

    There is only one way for the west to get our governments and country’s back. Everyone else will wake up to this sooner or later.

  • Sten Peter William Karlsson

    [ Goyvert McMuggles – Proud Functional Productive Subject Shareholder of Imperial Zombie Pharmaceuticals Inc… ]

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