Ben Swann ON: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and His Sweetheart Deal with Prosecutors

Ben Swann goes in depth on the Miami Herald story, shedding light on the sweetheart deal billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was given by prosecutors when in fact, dozens of his reportedly under-age victims were never given justice.


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  • Mr. Gfresh

    Every indistry and Office in America run by hardcore pedophile and sex deviants.
    The media, the entertainment industry, Justice department, the school district, so on and so on. And it’s needless to say that nowadays even teachers are fucking the children they’re suppose to teach.

  • hortons1967

    Allegedly or reported? Pedophile, for sure. And you want to traffic when you need sacrifices for baal…. Like buying a restaurant for free lobster once a week!

  • Miss J

    dont forget trump disavowed and kicked epstein out whereas clintons did not. are you guilty of all your friends crimes in a lifetime? nope.

  • disclosure now

    Instead of dissing #PizzaGate, why not hire an investigative reporter to actually look into it? Oh, right, this is America – NO SUCH THING.

  • Mike C

    Fuck, it’d be nice if Trump and Clinton went down with the Epstein ship…and well, like a hundred thousand other people but that’s a start.

  • Reality Check

    You did a great job polishing up and re-reporting my pizzagate report, but you could have at least threw me a reference credit brother.

  • BiddieTube

    I would think that the judges ruling on the Epstein case would not even be valid. Because, don’t judges have to follow the law, and carry out their jobs in a lawful way? If so, a judge can not legally protect criminals from prosecution, in this case, potentially a lot of criminals. This would void the judges ruling in the Epstein case.

  • Ipso Facto

    Great work Ben, never stop exposing these criminals. I would love to see you do more on 9/11. I know you did a piece on it a few years ago that got some negative press. If you aren’t getting negative MSM press, you aren’t talking about anything Important. To me, 9/11 is more important now, than ever. Keep up the good work brother.

  • Muhammad Ubale Kiru

    Ben chinese government is oppressing Muslims. They declared Muslims as mentally sick for being identified as Muslims. Don’t this deserve some headlines too

  • Guy Crittenden

    Excellent work Ben! I have followed your journalism for several years and you’re one of the few professionals nowadays who is consistently credible and has the guts to take on stories like this. I looked into the Podesta emails myself and am keenly aware that the mainstream media covered up for the powerful Washington elites. Most of what people have seen barely scratches the surface of how dark that material is. I remember one message (inside an app that Podesta thought could not be hacked) talking about a hot tub full of children waiting for him at a friend’s house, and how he mustn’t be too late because of the short attention spans of kids. In any case, the news has only covered the tip of the iceberg in regard to Epstein, whose island has tunnels and secret chambers where god-knows-what took place.

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