Russia REJECTS US Dollar! – The FALL Of The World Reserve Currency

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the fall of the world reserve currency as countless countries throughout the world swap out of the US dollar including China and to a great extent, Russia.
During a recent press conference, Putin said sanctions as well as other steps are undermining confidence in the US dollar.
“We aren’t ditching the dollar, the dollar is ditching us,” he told the VTB Capital forum in Moscow Wednesday. “The instability of dollar payments is creating a desire for many global economies to find alternative reserve currencies and create settlement systems independent of the dollar. We’re not the only ones doing it, believe me.”

He’s not wrong. That doesn’t make the Ruble good. All fiat systems meet their inevitable end. But the US world reserve currency is seriously facing a lot of problems right now as countries throughout the world lose faith. Countless coalitions are being created for payment systems outside of the US dollar. Oil payments are being made across the board by multiple countries in the Chinese Yuan as China props itself up to be the next global super power with the IMF looking at basing their headquarters in Beijing in the coming years. The next world reserve currency with voting rights on the SDR.

Russia is also stocking up on gold as it increases mining capabilities and many countries are repatriating their gold.

Now, no government and no bank is innocent. The banking system is completely bankrupt and in desperation mode while the governments throughout the world are pulling the same moves alongside banks that the IMF has made for decades. Loaning more money to countries than the countries can pay back.
According to recently released documents, VTB in Russia just loaning the poorest country in the world, the Central African Republic which is currently going through a massive inflationary event SIX TIMES its GDP!
VTB is a Russian state bank. The Central African Republic’s GDP is $1.95 billion while the loan is around $12 billion. Consider the magnitude of that. We are seeing similar things happen with China taking ownership of state electric monopolies in places like Zambia following similar loans.

All the while, the latest G20 conference is happening in the inflation haven of Argentina which we will be keeping a close eye on in the coming week.

Be self sustainable. Decentralize everything. Be independent. Be financially educated! It comes down to you good people. Rule yourself.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  • Nunya Bidnez

    If you don’t like our $USD fiat currency how about this fiat currency € or ¥ or ¢ or £ or a crypto backed by several counterparties (RISK) like ISP’s or exchanges or some other godless, pagan, private, for profit soulless corporation? They are ALL corrupt.

  • Daneleemusic

    When countries are ultimately valued based on the amount of gold they hold, then its population is being ruled by some form of sovereign entity, be it a dictatorship, autocracy, authoritarian regime or King. The power of America is the fact that its intrinsic value is based on the sovereignty of its people, and although the government and bureaucracies have tried mightily to destroy such a notion it has persisted and will end up being the thing that pulls America out of the ditch that the UN and Globalists are attempting to run everybody into. Aaaand, we get the WW rise of Nationalism. Stay tuned…

  • Deez Nutz

    Can you guys please offer solutions? I appreciate the reading of news from sources available to anyone with the ability to dig deep… I don’t always have time and can just click your vids. Perhaps it’s my unenlightened opinion because I’m just a regular 9-5 worker, but it seems to me that you guys keep repeating the same points. I feel two guys can offer some solutions that would realistically work. You guys obviously do your research, and you explain the hows and whys of our getting screwed over, but gold and crypto are now manipulated as well. Ever since wall street got its hooves into crypto, it’s been maniipulated. Please do more brainstorming and come up with something. I don’t know what to do, because I’m just a regular jackoff. Please help

  • Mary A

    SOMETHING BIG IS AFOOT… Trump is possibly going to be impeached by the Democratic House of Representatives, leading to internal chaos & likely domestic rebellion. Meanwhile, Russia & others are dumping the dollar & arming like crazy. “Mad Dog” Maddox and others in the Cabinet are itching for a war with Russia AND China. Could this be the END OF AMERICA ? Read Revelation chapters 17 & 18, and decide for yourself !

  • Terry Youthought

    Thanks for the video guys. The problem with gold is nobody knows how much there is in the world, a country can say we have x amount of gold but who checks this?

  • Cisco Kid

    This isn’t a problem at all with the coming rebound of Nationalism over globalism with this trend also comes a moving of leverage to the labor force away from the management

  • DiyEcoProjects

    *Prediction:* one world currency based on cashless digital money, integrated with social credit. Then its game over. Alternatively: Learn different skill sets, learn survival, learn to grow, learn to barter without money, learn to share ideas… this is your power

  • Brian Denham

    It’s all part of the new world order plan, I’m thinking the one world currency will be a China backed crypto. Start learning mandarin because it’s coming fast

  • Richard Garza

    Chinas fiat, Russian fiat, is the same as the USA,s? Why then are we losing our ass,s and their not???????? Right wing freaks holding on to a dream? Got a chip in your ass,s yet fellas? Sweden,s lining up for em…hahahhahaahaha

  • Richard Garza

    Still? Killing millions of people in other countries but? Still not as what? You just let a fucking huge terd drop from your mouth boy. Maybe cause those millions killed where predominantly of color.

  • Ryan Butler

    A great independent YouTuber, Martin North (Digital Finance Analytics), along with his regular guest, Economist, John Adams are now doing great work in Australia to make economic issues known to the public, talking regularly about the looming housing crisis and Australia’s gold holdings. They have said that all of Australia’s gold his held in the Bank of England. They are calling for an official audit, and even to have gold repatriated and brought back to Australia.

  • RichH

    The entirety of the problem is simple: the US has lost almost all ‘purchasing power’ of the $US through the mechanism of Central Bank / “fed” imposed INFLATION.

  • Nick Ross

    how come you guys are doing no reporting on whats happened just recently ie yesterday in israel, and with syria, ie a buddy of russia, and with troops that are trained by Iran, you also arent talking about that shockwave that just wrapped around the whole planet and lasted for 20 mins, and set off thousands of earthquake meters, but yet no one felt anything,and then today because of that earthly shockwave other actual earthquakes have been set off, i mean with your base of viewers, you should try to get that info out there, because that is some very serious shit, going down in the world right now, people need to know, and if you can uncover anything extra get the info out there, there as i said is some serious shit goin down right now and noone is reporting it, everyone is all concerned about fiat money and economy and stock markets, when all hell breaks loose non of any of that will mean of be worth anything.

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