BREAKING: Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Official Narrative Is Falling Apart

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The last thing we need to do at this point is give the government our guns! In the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting countless media pundits and political talking heads are calling for more “gun control” as a solution to school shootings. Meanwhile a teacher who survived the attack explained that she saw a shooter dressed in full metal gear including a helmet, face mask and body armor, raising more questions about who was involved. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the implications of what this teacher saw while also explaining the truth about so called “gun control”

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  • The Chef

    She just outed the L.E. They did it.
    That explains why all the first TV interviews with the kids kept saying multiple shooters.

  • Danna Olson

    Follow the money. City , school and county profit for not arresting teens in man big cities around the country. They get more money from the government.

  • Moxiegirl

    When were these kids radicalized and by whom?

    Did these activist kids know the shooter and have interaction with him at school?

    They involved with Hillary‘s anti-bullying campaign in 2015 ?

    When did the activist kids start going to that school, he almost looks like an FBI agent ?

  • Moxiegirl

    Left are pure evil

    Please look up pallywood . Would you put it past the media and the politicians and Hollywood to come up with something like this? They do it in the Middle East all the time, with horrible Production skills, if they knew ahead of time what their task was, they could pull it off.

  • Allen Tyranny

    This is total BULLSHIT! All police officers at MSD high school were told to “stand down” because an active drill was taking place. STOP LISTENING TO THE FAKE NEWS LYING MEDIA!!!!

  • Colton Brandt

    Great concept, so I ask this. Why don’t you use your gun and go get these tyrants out of office? Answer is, people are pussies. Whatever gun you have won’t win against a drone. We’re fucked

  • musicgirlsuz

    I think its a combo of myop and lyop. They knew the kid was volatile & was set to go off so they probably helped him along a bit, then stood back and let it happen. But I do think that at least one other shooter was in the building “helping ” him. Truth be told, he may not have done any shooting and may just be a patsy. When they arrested him he was so out of it and said he didn’t think he had done it and the one girl swears she was talking to him while the shooting was going on so go figure. The whole thing is a psyop meant to distract us from the war thats breaking out and all the other stuff thats going down right now.

  • Brian Cox

    Putting this in perspective, 17-years-ago the govt. and the MSM showed us an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and told us that a 100 ton jet with 44 people onboard crashed in it. If “they” can get away with a lie that blatant, then they can get away with anything. As with the Vegas shooting, I’m not buying what the govt. and the media are selling.

  • Greg Pek

    This is the same as the Vegas shooting. Multiple shooters in multiple locations. It was a mass murder by the deep state. FBI most likely as they handled the cover up.

  • M297 BM

    This is not the last, expect to have more organized terror attacks until the entire nation accept the full control of the government!

  • Bryce Courtney

    U realise that their giving multiple narratives so “truthers” pick up on it. Then they can take down ur channel. Watch out, a lot of channels are gone

  • truthhurtshipsters

    False flag. Drill gone live to steal more of our freedoms. Just like Vegas massacre. Paddocks autopsy still not released and multiple witnesses who reported shooters on the ground level are ending up dead after the shooting.

  • Abbittibbi

    I suggest we ban the government from having guns, we the People take it all from them. Then we outlaw munitions factories.

    With 1 children losing it’s life every 10 seconds, it’s safe to say we are currently in WW3, added to that 1600+ nukes detonated during the 50 to this day, with the latest clown with trigger happy sentiments being somewhere along the chinese border, you know, the small half country(that northern half of Korea) we been at war with…since 1950, what a coincidence…

    Always seen rather curious why the Olympics happens to be around war, maybe because the torch has been carried since the 1936 Berlin games… just saying.

    It’s time we skip to the part where WW4 will be of stones and sticks, if indeed enough trees are left up for sticks.

  • AmericanHinoki

    Prior to the shooting the FBI had all kinds of warnings on Cruz, but were ordered to disregard them. Then when the shooting actually occurred the deputies were ordered to stand down. If this is not the case then the FBI with its huge budget and thousands of agents are TOTALLY incompetent, and all 4 deputies are cowards, take your pick.

  • HnRe42

    Dan…if you keep losing weight you are gonna disappear! Just messing buddy, you look great keep it all up brother. Fight the fight don’t be silenced!

  • Lynn Kay

    Could this be a false flag? Witnesses put the number of shooters @ 3. Why were the cameras at the exits recently removed. Why was there a swat team practice weeks earlier? Why were the secret service at the school that morning? And finally why was the event dated Feb 12 on Google, 2 days before the shooting? I suspect the sheriff & officers didn’t go into the building because they were told to stand down.
    Cruz was known as a troubled kid & was an orphan. He was a perfect patsy. No parents or family to have his back. Look at his picture. Those eyes are not the eyes of someone on anti-depressants; they’re the eyes look of someone drugged to the point of being in a hypnotic state. I could be wrong, but if I’m not, it’s just one more person to add to the body count.
    The Liberals want all your guns. So expect more attacks until you lose your 2nd amendment rights.
    My assessment of this situation is so absurd, it’s unbelievable. And that’s just what the perpetrators want.

  • IceManLikeGervin

    Some witnesses (students) initially stated that there was more than 1 shooter…I recall hearing them say that particular.

    Also, some Vegas witnesses said that there was more than 1 shooter.

  • Shawn Prather

    Go for you – stand your ground, make your stand, speak the truth that know one else will. Where can we catch you when your channel gets censored?

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