Full Transparency: An Update On Our Conscious Media Movement Campaign

As promised in our campaign, here is our first update for how our conscious media movement campaign is going since we launched a little over 1 month ago.

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Video hosted by: Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/joemartino29

About CE: Collective Evolution is a conscious media and education company focused on helping to shift our world through two key avenues:

News Media – reporting on world events through a truly neutral lens, and exploring the role these events play in the evolution of human consciousness.

Consciousness Education – Providing viewers with the solutions and tools necessary to build self-awareness, expand consciousness, connect with self and be an integral part of shifting our world.

CE’s unique formula merges consciousness and spirituality with all aspects of life and events we experience on a regular basis.

Stories We Cover: anything from consciousness to hidden truths. We’ll explore current affairs and the fringe. Consciousness, exopolitics, corruption, the deep state, disclosure and more.

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Mailing: Collective Evolution, 871 Edgeley Blvd, 2nd Floor. Vaughn, ON, L4K4V9


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  • Universal Babe

    I joined because I used so much of your content to give to others just waking up. It’s odd that people seem happy to pay for garbage papers from MSM but don’t want to put their hand in their pocket for some truth. They seem happy to hear lies from papers and TV funded by the very people they claim to want eradicated. In the UK people pay the BBC to watch propaganda for the corrupt Government whilst moaning about the corruption. Let’s face it a lot of people are just plain greedy, they want something for nothing whilst they sit on their backsides watching junk TV. Until something affects them personally they are happy to carry on with the status quo believing that they live in what turns out is a fake world. I’m not hating on people, although it would be easy to do so, I’m pointing out the truth as I see it. Like you, I put myself and my job on the line to help people during this transitional period. For the most part totally unappreciated and unnoticed, but still I carry on whilst waiting for humans to grow up. I’m hoping my reward is on the other side.

  • gporter.seadog

    The collective crowd-sourcing is definitely the way to go. Myself? I’m no journalist but, if you need any Spanish translating or help to source media from Spanish speaker/writer, I’d be glad to begin an assist. Cheers,

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