Time To Opt Out: A Solution To Voting & Politics

In my first video on the migrant caravan, people had asked what I feel is a good solution in these situations given how things function and given how politics works. To me, it comes down to consciousness and opting out of the system in multiple ways.

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  • Scheusal Meister

    Thank you for working hard to make semi complex subjects easy to understand and for breaking ridiculously nuanced topics down to digestable bites for the masses. You guys give me great go to videos for explaining things I can’t seem to in my own words.

  • Universal Babe

    In the UK they make one party so bloody awful that people vote for the other and then a few years later you get the same with that party. Been going on forever. What should happen is they are all Independent of parties. You vote on their ability to do the job and if they don’t then you vote them out. At the moment crappy MPs survive because the party works to keep them in.

  • liveyurbliss

    I have not voted the last two terms because I know my vote doesn’t count. For me it’s about integrity. I will not participate in a system that I believe to be corrupt. Thank you for starting this conversation 🙏🏼

  • Matt Olson from Filthy Still

    I’m only half way through and I couldn’t agree more!

    After watching the whole video I just want to add that I think the premise of government is inherently flawed from a moral and natural rights perspective because it gives a monopoly on violence to some people (government agents) and then claims that it got the right to use violence this way from the collective. Well if none of us have the right individually to do things like kill, steal or lock people in cages, how did these people working on behalf of the government get those rights from us? It would seem to me you can’t give something to someone you don’t have in the first place. The implication is that the number of people backing the government is what gives it its ability to do what it does (or should I say the people who say they work for the government, the government in reality is nothing but a fiction that people essentially put their belief in a somewhat religious way, which is why many people say that “Statism” is akin to a religion) but to me that falls apart upon further examination also. For example, what if everybody in your hometown, let’s say 1,000 people got together and decided it was okay to steal your shit, lock you in a cage and maybe even kill you if you resisted. Does that make it right? Obviously no, it doesn’t and in this example all these 1,000 people have actually given their consent and voluntarily decided it’s cool to steal your shit and lock you up. In our system, nobody gets to consent to the system. You just are born into it and there’s no chance to opt out. I hate to present another couple ism’s as possible solutions here but I’ve personally found the philosophy of voluntarism to be very morally and intuitively appealing to me as it is basically just the idea that every interaction between people should be voluntary and consensual. The most interesting idea I’ve heard about how to actually bring down the current system without creating total chaos (I don’t say anarchy because anarchy only means no rulers not no rules and is not chaos/violence) is agorism. It essentially is an idea of starving the government of any tax money by utilizing the grey and black markets to do all trading. A grey market transaction is not explicitly illegal but doesn’t involve the government at all so they see no taxes. Black markets are obviously things the government bans. The idea would be to slowly starve the government of its lifeblood which is taxes. The guy who originally envisioned it had envisioned the public arming themselves through the black market which would be a necessity to deter the government from attempting to collect taxes by force. This would also kill off many of the large corporations we all hate so much that are not products of the free market as some might have you believe but instead are actually massively subsidized by the government. Food for thought at least, I encourage all interested to research further. These are just ideas and I’m not sinking my identity into them as that’s clearly not the way to go. We’ve done that, now let’s try something else.

  • Kurt Mill

    CE, while I can see the benefits of not voting if it’s done consciously- I can also see the benefits of voting if it’s done consciously.
    As it stands now, most people do not vote because of two things:
    1. They don’t know about how/where/who to vote for.
    2. They don’t think voting will make a difference in changing the world.
    Most people who don’t vote do not do so out of a mere opposition to the voting system, but out of complacency and convenience. It feels inconvenient to vote in a system where one party is always voted in and majority rules. Frankly most don’t care- they’re just trying to survive and sustain themselves.
    Many minorities have not felt their voices heard in this way. Because our voting systems are not actually democratic, they only allow only one specific group of people to be voted in, and one specific group of people to be catered to while all else are not.

    On the flip side, most people who do vote do so because of two things:
    1. They want their preferred party to hold power over any and all other parties for as long as possible.
    2. They want to vote to make a difference in how the world works.
    The reason why voting is rising in importance is not because all people are giving their power away to leaders (though there are some that do indeed perceive/want that to be true), but because they are seeing that they can contribute, that they have some sense of power in this ludicrous power game.
    If the whole march4ourlives movement, among many others encouraging people to vote, had NOT risen up people would still by and large feel hopeless that all we’ll ever have governing our world is political competition and corruption. But because of these movements reflecting our potential to matter and make a difference, we are starting to rise up.
    Power is shifting from something we impose, to something we share. And when enough people see how power can be shared, that creates the tipping point that allows every single voting referendum to be about helping everyone thrive.

    There are only two ways we can truly shift this system into something better for all:
    1. We do what you suggested in this video and refrain from voting- building a new world from scratch. Though this does involve figuring out how we’re going to settle on collective decisions in those new institutions without rigged voting and politics.
    2. We vote as a conscious extension of our capacity to contribute. So we use our voices and money and resources and votes to support quality of life institutions. BUT while not giving our power away to those we’re voting for. We’re not giving power away to government, we are encouraging them to support and reflect our needs. If they do not, those who do have our best interests in mind will rise and dismantle the system from the inside out.

    Both will take a trial and error process before we get to that world where we do not need authorities making decisions for us. We’ll naturally move to using algorithms, surveys and circular economies instead.

  • synthesis 101

    … there has been so much deception – confusion – chaos coming from external S.S.S. ( survival, sensations, sex stimuli …) that our egos have been hijacked into submission or rebellion , and not just about the political frameworks – During these times of mass purging, every person has to their own inner homework to cleanse mental, emotional, physical OLD baggage that result in us all having been programmed and conditioned to think and feel certain ways… I agree and know that it starts at the conscious awareness levels ~~~ the ladder of consciousness pulls us into inner guidance – we must balance our own yin*yang energies to start seeing clearly :: from the inside out * thank you for opening this sharing of ideas …

  • geoff beyer

    Ever since I was a kid It bothered me that no politician ever kept their promises. I learnt in my teens that they all bat for one team, call the deep state or whatever you like.
    I personally don’t vote because of broken promises and plain BS. I choose to live outside of their paradigm. My energy goes into lifting people’s vibration through music. I know it doesn’t make a difference in the big picture, but I do my bit to not feed the agenda.

  • Kyle Taylor

    Very nice, my friend. I wholeheartedly agree – the solution isn’t about who wins what war or who ends up being right – it just starts with creating more conversation around it, and then maybe we can start to get along and work together to create a better, healthier world.

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