Reality Check: No Sarin Gas Used by Assad in Syria?

The U.S. is intensifying action in Syria by the day. But why? Candidate Trump said he would stay of out Syria because he warned that ISIS and Al Qaeda would take over and yet President Trump is taking the very steps he warned that Hillary Clinton would take.

All of it, with no evidence that the Assad government has used Sarin gas after all.

This is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.

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  • Emily Cristin

    It is odd how he completely changed his position. Does he really trust the “experts” he has surrounded himself with more than his own common sense? It’s like how Julian Assange said, “How many days does it take the security sector to digest the president? Something like 75 days.”

  • illyounotme

    You see similar differences between all candidates when they become office holders. Why? Because once they get in office they discover they really don’t have the power they thought they did. They discover they MUST make compromises to stay in office. They are told what agendas they MUST continue. There are puppet masters who start pulling the stings of those in office. The true powers behind government. CFR, corporate lobbyists, bankers, etc… tell the politicians what they must do. Often these orders contradict what they promised originally. But hey they are already elected, and politicians have not been held accountable for breaking their promises for so long, it just doesn’t matter if they break them these days.

  • Flying Lap Productions

    7 thumbs down? 7 butt hurts?

    Another Stellar report Ben! 👍 keep spreading truth… you are doing yeoman’s work…

  • ﴾ Ŧhe other Side of Story ﴿

    Thanks Ben for doing a “reality check” on this subject!
    The truth is What actually happening in Syria its *Not* a “Civil war”, its an invasion and Regime change policy by West and Israel! But because of the Corporate media which work on behalf of State, Corporations, Military industry complex, banks and etc they have succeeded to a certain extent to manipulate public to believe that “What happening in Syria is a civil war, and a regime change in Syria is a must, in order to Syria become stable again !

  • cheezemonkeyeater

    If there’s anything the last couple of presidents should have taught us, it’s that what the candidates say is totally irrelevant.  The War Machine will continue regardless of who’s in power.

  • 2minstral

    The banking cartel built the Pentagon and Intelligence services…they run the USA not the President. De-fund, the pentagon CIA and Intelligence services and we will begin to see justice throughout the world…barring that we are heading down the road to WWIII because a dying empire does not go quietly…

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