The Canadian Government Is Lying About Cannabis Legalization

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Cannabis is the gateway to liberty…but not if the Canadian government can help it!There is a grand illusion taking place in Canada right now where the masses have been deceived into believing that cannabis will be legalized for the benefit of the Canadian people…the truth is the Canadian government is currently monopolizing the industry behind the scenes in preparation of their heavily regulated version of “legalization” that will soon be announced. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms, Grass Roots Medicinal and The Cannabis Growers Of Canada about the coming legalization scheme being rolled out by the liberals.


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  • busymountain

    Lying aren’t they. They knew the be found out for lying about cannabis. I wonder how they figured this would play out?

  • Cat in canada

    The corporations just get richer. Support your little guys. Stand up for them. They are going to force GMO pot on people and take away all the medical properties. April 2 at city halls across canada at noon, come out and demand a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE of this liberal trudeau govt.

  • Lori

    At 10$ gram plus GST plus Excise tax and now Shoppers wants a dispensary fee?? they have overpriced their crap product already. WOW the greed is palpable. These poor people being sold overpriced, tainted smoke that is commercially grown with no thought to chemicals. I pity the poor medical first time users that are being told to use these horrible LP product when they are sick already.. Government model will fail and this genetic battle is just starting. ~SUPPORT CRAFT CANNABIS~

  • Dee lunarfox

    Trudeau just can’t stop fucking lying fuck these weasely dinosaur corporations just die already no one needs your shitty over priced snake oil.

  • Anoncore1

    Just like gambling the gov jut took over the mob business …..get it . The gov do not like competition , they have the guns and the strong arm of the law .enforcers…… the war on drug gambling and the mob justice st supplied them ,teachers, to show them the trade . That what the deal of witness protection is. No 1st and second amendment ….get it ? That’s why American are under assault so much .


    the sheep might support this and consume even more GMOs, what a shame…the gov distribution should be boycotted…just stick with the cia, haha…God bless…doug

  • Joshua Baxter

    Last thing anyone needs is GMO cannabis, or multinational BS corporate cannabis. People want access to real medicine. We need access to real non GMO food, non GMO plant medicines, access to high quality vitamins and supplements at quantities that actually work. Here in America the FDA is on the march to eliminate the Kratom market and refuses to recognize any medical benefits for both cannabis and kratom. Also, you can’t even share any info on the health benefits of even foods if you sell them, you will have the FDA swat team come with guns drawn, come down on you. It’s Insane, and 40% of their budget comes from Big Pharma and Big Agro.

  • James Stephen Emery

    a new poll indicates Canadians overwhelmingly want to tear down trade barriers to alcohol — and any other legal product — across the country.

  • Shaun Rankin

    Chad can support himself. He’s been making bank for a long time and should of put away a nest egg. I support marijuana, but I’ll keep buying it off the little guys illegally, fuck anybody who says otherwise ?


    The Government and Big Pharma doesn’t want the PEOPLE TO HAVE CANNABUIS… but Julian Fantino will be a Billionaire because he knows Bill Blair… The Government Officials have been Bribed and the proof is an Offshore Account invested 280 million dollars into a Medicinal Cannabis Company in Montreal all.. Criminal Cartels… ORGANIZED CRIMINALS in White Collars… The SUITS have taken over

  • MrJwyne

    I agree. Not only marijuana, but shrooms also. Shrooms are medicinal and if taken in high doses will make you visit the Gods. The government is trying to control the way people think and doesn’t want people thinking outside the box. How are they going to make a fungi illegal when it grows naturally? It was Gods given right to bless us with that mushroom and plant.

  • Jerome Gagnon

    fkin tired of hearing bout this ”legalisation” thing, nobody else than the fat cats want it. sadly, peoples in canadistan think legalisation is something akin decriminalisation when it has nothing to do with it. what we really want if for peoples to not being trown in rape cages so the kids can have fathers. legalese aint goin that way ever.

    and were waiting for a govt that can barely tie shoe-laces to make things right…we’ll never learn, we can’t be free cause we’re too dumbed down.

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