Simon Dixon: The Fall Of The Banking System – The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies!

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen talk with Simon Dixon of Bnk To The Future about the monetary revolution we’re witnessing before our eyes in the cryptocurrency community.
Simon breaks down his views on ending the banking system and how individuals can replace it with decentralized blockchain alternatives. He goes into the centralized global cashless society system being pushed forward by global elites and the vast differences between that system and the decentralized cryptocurrencies we see springing up on a daily basis.
Simon also digs into the idea of bank bail outs and bail-ins as well as the abolition of depositor’s insurance in a cashless society as central banks desperately attempt to raise interest rates to avoid going negative in the coming, inevitable fiat dollar crash.
Another subject that comes up is the absurdity of the division between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Simon explains why Bitcoin will win the race and how market innovation should always be an important part of the discussion.

Finally, Mr. Dixon explains how Bnk To The Future works and how it can help the crypto industry. He also warns that it’s not for new investors as it’s highly speculative and risky.

All this and more! Stay tuned for more from WAM at Anarchapulco, 2018!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Simon Dixon
Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Charles Taylor

    young, idealistic and naive. the elites that control the banks have overthrown countries and killed millions to defend their paradigm. you have said it yourself, all wars are bankers wars. do you really think they will just roll over and let a new tech overthrow their control. all they have to do is declare all but their crypto illegal. they will make up some excuse or start a war as justification. and yes governments can control the internet ask the Chinese.

  • chung chan

    bitcoin won’t revolutionize the world it can only do 7 transactions a second
    which isn’t enough i think a currency needs to be able to maintain 20000 or 30000 transactions a second to be able to be used on a global scale.
    now hashgraph can do 300000 transactions a second sooo that could cut it buttttttttt theres a patent on it so who knows who might buy it or alter it in some bankey way
    gold and silver on the other hand, perfect currencies (like they habe been for the last 5000 years or so) will most likely prevail or some similar type platform will be what everyone uses and bitcoin will be worth what it is a few digits on a screen…

  • mit p

    If the people think the money in the banks is yours good luck. That fdic bull crap they give you don’t mean that they need to give you right now they can give you a iou and tell you come back in 10 years.

  • Charles Davis

    The Old Obsolete-Outdated Obscene-Objectionable Offender USA, transitions into our Official Oncoming Optimal Operational Order = USAA+=$$$

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