The Deep State Has A Big Problem In France, Here’s Why

The mainstream media is staying super silent on this story for a reason, it shows incredible collective power. Watch and police remove their helmets and firefighters turn their backs in France.

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Video hosted by: Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution.

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  • Libertarian Amateur Chemist

    Thanks for the upload! It warms me to see the far “left” and “right” coming together to *finally* protest something that is real

  • Alex Magoon

    im from canada and i try telling people about the carbon tax and how its a bunch of bull shit. and everybodys like we get it back from a rebate check. im like how many times are you guys going to let this happen. they make a new tax but then supposabley give it back at the end of the year. and they have done this in the past and before you know it when the heats dies down and everybody gets used to the ideal of paying it. then they slowly take away the rebates after a few years . they have done it with so much tax shit here in canada thats there game. shits getting old

  • Kristy Lynn

    Thanks, Joe! Watching those officer stand with the people literally brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. Keep up the excellent work!

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