HUGE Stock Market Correction! – What On Earth Is Happening?

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor about the massive stock market correction of December 4th, 2018 as the Dow drops 2.5% and the S&P 500 drops 3.2%.
With massive gains recently, the speculation seems to be coming to its inevitable end as faith is lost in the incredibly bubbled stock market which has been pumped with insane amounts of fake money by the Federal Reserve.
While the stock market which is heavily manipulated and lacks fundamental value begins to see the tremors before the “big one”, housing markets in many places in the United States and around the world are facing a familiar crisis.
Toll Brothers in California have seen a 13% plunge in orders as California as a whole falls 39%!
There is also a partial inversion of the yield curve as the 2 and 3 year surpasses the 5 year.
Bonds are a disaster and the solution? More of that which created the problem in the first place! Of course, that’s what the Fed and the Keynesians believe.
Tim explains the latest and what people can do to stay safe!

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Tim Picciott
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Return Free Risk

    I think the next crisis will be defined by the poor assumption that federal government bonds are a risk free investment

  • Jeremy Robbins

    If the stock market was real then you would only have fluctuation from mass buys, sells and an annual companies reports. It swings the way it does because it is a manipulated game show. This is just a part of of the mas distraction machine like sports, TV shows, video games and for thous of a more intellectual standpoint there is this stock market game. If only we could awaken to what is real…

  • randy osborne

    People are in danger because leadership in the US is dysfunctional. Whips and Leaders are the true crux of the corruption. A true disruptor in Congress. They were created during the height of Government corruption in 1899 (leaders) and 1900 (whips). They were NOT implemented by the framers of the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Congress is manipulated by Whips and Leaders to broker the bills in a profiteering manner to 501c’s, corporations and other countries. The myth is Congress is a weak victim overpowered by the large money lobbyist. But the truth, Congress is the tyranny understanding they have a monopoly selling bills and are aggressive at it. You want a bill passed you have to come through them, so bring your American Express card. There is no defensible argument, Congress betrayed their Fiduciary duty. Whips and Leaders should have been eliminated with Antitrust in the early 1900’s. Whips and Leaders front run our republic. This isn’t a Democracy, it’s not a Republic, it’s a coup d’état and the Whips and Leaders are the party of guilt…. The most corrupt era of the US Government was in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It was when Americans were in revolt of our Government in collusion with giant monopolies (Antitrust). Names like JP Morgan , Rockefellers, Vanderbilt’s, etc.. These guys bought and paid for the election of President McKinley. Then President McKinley implemented Whips and Leaders into our government to assist the large amounts of lobbyist money, campaign contributions and special interest group monies in a profiteering manner. It was a terrible, terrible time for America. Six months later in Presidents McKinley’s second term of Presidency he was assassinated. Antitrust was finally passed around 1914 but they forgot to get rid of the corrupt Whips and Leader position that assist in this corruption. Benjamin Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

  • No Hope Equals no fear

    Josh, who is buying german and japan bonds at negative rates???? And we wonder why japanese banks and deutche bank are not feeling so good.?

  • Numberless Oats

    Crypto-currency is based entirely on the people’s faith in it. So it’s not really any different from the Canadian dollar.

  • Daniel OBrein

    we just bough a near new car —got a good deal —we owe about 13,500 on it —I have a black car that I do not owe a dime on —-she says to me tonight if she retires we get rid of the black car—can you see the flaw in this folks—-the man will come to take away the new car not the old one—she sure has not thought that one out

  • tyau1234

    US stocks are still UP around 5% for 2018
    Most Cryptocurrencies went to ZERO and Bitcoin lost 90% of its value for 2018
    Gold and Silver prices are down around 20% for 2018

    It is not hard to find the winner here.

  • 00rphb

    There may be a lot of blood in the crypto market right now, but it is nothing compared to the sea of tears that will come when it really starts to go down. Don’t forget BITCOIN IS A PYRAMID SCHEME

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