BITCOIN BREAKS THROUGH CEILING! – The Rise of Decentralized Cryptocurrency with Stephen Kendal

Josh Sigurdson talks with derivatives and Blockchain expert Stephen Kendal about the latest news on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as we see massive rallies in the value of Bitcoin as well as minor corrections.
Stephen goes into the long term effects of Bitcoin fluctuation and how Bitcoin does not have a value cap as it has an infinite value potential due to scarcity and demand.
Decentralization is incredibly important as the fiat empire which has been designed to fail by its very creation is about to meet its inevitable end. As the fiat currencies are devalued and run on debt and fractional reserve banking, people are proving their lack of faith in the worthless IOUs as they flock to cryptocurrencies. In January the entire market cap for cryptocurrencies were $18 billion. They are now above $115 billion, Bitcoin taking up about $44.5 billion of that cap.

The future is wide open and the sky is the limit! Ethereum has made incredible rallies as well as of recent and this is all the more reason we will see many rebellious millionaires and billionaires in the future!

Stay tuned for more from WAM as we post more with Stephen Kendal!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Stephen Kendal
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • ON Ontarible

    Did you Bitcoin breaks through the floor? Bitcoin dropped about #300/bitcoin on the 12th, it is recovering a little bit, lol.

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