Canada To Sign The UN’s Global MIGRATION PACT – This Is NOT Good!

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Canada is about to sign a United Nations agreement on migration even though there has been no referendum or public debate on the matter. In 2016 93 member countries signed on to the New York Declaration, which called for the adoption of a migration pact by the end of 2018 which brings us to today….In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth is joined online by PFT correspondent Leigh Stuart to speak about this global pact, what the implications are for Canadians and what the solutions SHOULD be to the current issue of global migration.

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  • Double A Ron

    Welllllll.. is migration a human right for us too cuz I’m the fuck outa here. Won’t be long and Haiti will start looking like paradise

  • Ruby Honey

    MAKES PERFECT SENSE…………………………………….if your a globalist psychopath

  • prestwoods1

    ZIONIST BANKERS AND FREEMASON SATANIST ARE DOMESTIC TERRORIST… New world order psychopath Satanist fake reality run the whole world order.

  • Tracy Gill

    Arrest Turdeau for treason as soon as he returns to Canada. Let’s bombard Turdeau with threats of arresting him for treason. He can’t do what he wants. This signing can be overturned. Turdhole and Hussein are diabolical. I hope Trump indicts Turdface for international treason.

  • Kermit

    Borders are Diversity markers, erasing them is anti diversity.
    Race are racial diversity, forced migration is anti diversity.
    Male/Female are gender diversity, attacking either on the basis of gender is gender bigotry.

  • Freeman Pennington

    So basically Canada like the good obedient little slaves are going to sign over all their rights and freedoms to the United Nations into the world government this is the reason why we Americans need to fight to keep our right to keep and bear arms and free speech and every other right even if it means going to war

  • Truth Seeker

    The 3 great world evils being used to destroy the free nations.
    Zionist globalism= Cultural Marxism= Communism.
    “a lemon car no matter what the make is still a load of junk.”

  • Lisa Neuman

    There is nothing wrong with Immigration coming into Canada!! I can’t believe what I am hearing from my fellow Canadians!! These people have every right to come to our wonderful country, yet you’re pissed about cause you have to pay more taxes to support these people. Unemployment is not good in Canada and I get that, but it’s not fair for these immigrants to be unemployed and to be living on the streets too!! But I do also understand that because they figure “Hey why work when I free money from the Canadian government?” objection. At some point they have to be cut off in order to give them that extra push to be able to support themselves. But if you “cut the cord” too soon then it’s a disaster waiting to happen!!

  • Michael Stewart

    Canadians need to stand together and protest this, like france did about that carbon tax. The migrants coming in, aren’t there to better your country.

  • Maria Mesia

    If Canadians stay silent on it, their silence as a cold heart for their national security, wellbeing and future of their houses, their sons and daughters, their life, all will face the threat of invasion by foreign deliquency mixed with mismatched minds between the immigrants, as had happened in Europe.

  • Michael Stewart

    This is kind of ironic. Canadians were saying hateful things about the U.S.A. and us not letting in migrants. Well, now the tables are turned. I hope you guys the best. Because migrants don’t care about your country or your traditions. Prayers.

  • big Zini

    It’s the luciferian plan unfolding. It’s not enough for us to just go and destroy the middle east, they also need to allow these people over here in droves so they can destroy our country and the states as well. Order out of chaos.

  • Kairos Kronos

    Corporation of Canada gets more free immigrant debt slaves for their bankster overlords. Not too difficult to see. Come on down, our citizens will pay for everything and will never talk back.

  • Kairos Kronos

    Makes sense that Canadians should bow down and disavow their own cultural practices to ensure that failed cultures from failed warring countries can all express themselves freely at the physical AND financial expense of the taxpaying public, eh?

  • Stacie Graham

    The Canadians should go to their local government and not let this happen! Say no! Stand up against the powers that be!

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