Ethereum Linked To Bilderberg Gets Putin Endorsement – What You NEED To Know!

Move over bitcoin there’s a new crypto on the block! Ethereum has become the second largest cryptocurrency on the market next to bitcoin but where did it come from and where is it going? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth digs deep into the blockchain that is Ethereum to ask the question, is this the rival to bitcoin or is there more to this story?
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  • Snarkathon

    The R3 consortium is breaking down Dan, & will be become an interbank payment ‘blockchain’, at best. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Santander, NAB & JP Morgan have already left.

    FYI, the head is Blythe Masters, famous silver manipulator. Bitcoin will remain the go-to.

  • Walery B

    The infiltration of corporations and ico’s has begun into ethereum, Putin won’t allow deep state and we won’t either …

  • Imperatore7777

    The reason i bought Ethereum is because of Putin’s endorsement, he’s anti Soros and has banned the Rothschild’s from Russia.

  • silverstake88

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah…. and? Shall we trade stones, seeds, tulips instead? He’s known about it but never invested? I smell a rat.

  • Bug Smasher

    I am originally from Russia, and having studied the Russian power structure considerably over the past couple of years, I am firmly convinced they are a part of the New World Order, and NOT AGAINST IT! Russia has been a part of the plan for a one world government since the Bolshevik Revolution, which was orchestrated largely by the Grand Orient Lodge of France and financed by WESTERN oligarchs and banks. And they still are on board, playing the “anti-thesis” in the Hegelian Dialectic.

  • thinkofwhy

    Plenty of blockchains to choose from. And Ethereum is mainly for businesses, because of it’s contract features. It’s not a consumer currency like BTC.

  • Free Your Mind

    It’s all smoke and mirrors if it’s not in your pocket you do not own it… best of luck to those who invest some of their risk capital in these things tho… Don’t trust that it won’t be regulated by a government if the banks want that.

  • jmcarp98

    Both are controlled by the elite. This is the cashless society. Good luck getting guns and ammo in the future with your crypto.

  • GTIboost5a

    All crypto currencies are the enemies of God. And the main stream media should not be talking about it at all because if they did , they would be advertising it. Fuck Bitcoin. Fuck Etherium. Fuck digital currencies. Fuck.

  • DitchDollar HoldGldSlvrBitcoin

    There is nothing more fiat than crypto. Not even ink and paper. And what the Bit herd has not figured out is the World bankers, who have trillions to buy and control anything, have spent the last 5 years buying and creating crypto currencies. So the creepy people you are trying to get away from are turning you cashless just as planned. The creepy world bankers could not be happier now that the Bit herd is going cashless instead of buying hard in hand PM assets. They want total control in the end and you cannot use your crypto without their internet. Fees are already going sky high . More proof the Big ugly bankers are gaining control.

  • Michael Fitze

    It always amuses me to see the number of people who are willing to comment about cryptocurrencies, who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Hilarious. By the way Dan, no ETH was stolen when the DAO was hacked last summer, only DAO tokens. (Actually, it wasn’t “hacked” it functioned perfectly as unintended, lol). Fortunately I had pulled out of that investment early because it occurred to me that the idea of “the wisdom of the crowd,” cannot guarantee a positive business result when what is needed is expertise, not “the average” of a bunch of uninformed opinions. In my opinion, that fatal flaw is why something like the DAO hasn’t been tried since.

    Although you tried to make it clear in your video that decentralized block chains cannot be centrally controlled, people still comment about cryptos being a ploy to create a globalist, centralized “cashless society.” Perhaps in a future video you could direct your audience to several good books they might read to inform themselves about how cryptocurrencies actually work. The anger I detect in the comments, like the anger in the comments on zero hedge regarding cryptos is usually from people who missed the boat in terms of the investment. Sour grapes.

    What if Russia introduced a sidechain ETH token and nobody gave a shit? This is the other thing that people tend to overlook. The adoption of a particular currency in the crypto space is totally voluntary, and usually based on the use cases. If it suits a particular purpose, people will use it. There’s many stores you can go to online or in the physical world that use and except bitcoin, so people use it. The steem (steemit) token is another good example. As long as the use cases exist, the crypto will exist.

    As long as the mining of the currency remains decentralized, there is no way for a central authority to do things like stealth tax inflate the currency. In my opinion, the only attribute of cryptos governments are interested in is the fact that they create a permanent ledger so all transactions can be tracked. As soon as the government says that we have to know your private keys, or we have to know who is associated with what private keys, it is time to simply refuse to use that crypto currency. This doesn’t mean that there will not be any other cryptos to use that are not being tracked by the government, which is the whole point of cryptos in the first place, at least from the crypto anarchist perspective.

  • bbtesla

    Crypto currency using an electrical grid is unstable. In the future, in order to protect against the grid going down and losing your cryptro currency. Perhaps your crypto currency will be encoded into your dna in selected cells. Hmm sci-fi.


    Dan, this is VERY important information you’ve just shared. Thank YOU. As a holder of ETH, and I have talked about that in my videos, I feel it is my responsibility to share your info with my audience. If you would please contact me at we could set up an interview ASAP. Please, contact me to set up a date. Thanks, ~Sean

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