The Real Attorney General Scandal, Diplomat Dennis Rodman in North Korea

In this video Luke Rudkowski or WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news daily covering Dennis Rodman’s latest trip to North Korea, The Jeff Sessions Attorney General hearing about Russia, Big Brother, more disastrous moves by Donald Trump and a lot more.

How Michael Jordan Could Literally Save The World

Ron Paul Article:

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  • Sativarg Millinious

    I avoid Patrion monthly stuff because I am broke most of the time but I do donate to things like Firefox and good open source projects and presenters of alternative news who gain my trust. I use paypal and the support this user thing here at YouTube but I do not see that button on channels that I used to support now. Is that not a thing any more?


    Thumbs up! I liked this video.
    And you lot need to respect opinions you disagree with. No country is infallible. And yes RUSSIA does a lot of evil things, but then every country does some too.

  • Benjamin Dover

    The Global Peace Index is a bullshit, leftist propaganda report. The homicide rate for Germany is more than twice that of Poland. The rate of rape is three times per capita and the rates in Poland are going down while the rates in Germany are increasing sharply yet the Global Peace Index rates Germany as 15th and neutral while it rates Poland 33rd and getting worse. The Global Peace Index is a bullshit propaganda machine for the globalists.

  • Cosmo Ray

    Send Dennis Rodman to negotiate with Kim Jung Un in the future…he seems to have better luck then career Diplomats

  • Cody Chismark

    I always wondered why hockey is the least favorite sport in the U.S….its because there are minimal commercials!

  • Nelly.Ruby.

    didn’t they get arrested because they broke a law? Permit or something? The other protesters didn’t get arrested.


    It’s just like we don’t always agree with your report’s, I don’t like the hard stand that Jeff Sessions has on Cannabis! As well I don’t like what we are doing in the Middle East! However, I do like what Trump is doing here in America!

  • Dust Phoxner

    One thing you have to understand we have to do Saudi’s bidding even though that sometimes forces the US to take a side with Isis because of the Petro Dollar until we find an alternative solution to the petro dollar we are at their mercy cause they could make our economy collapse tomorrow.

    For those who don’t know about the Petro Dollar here is a brief explanation. Our economy hasn’t been backed by gold as you would be believed for sometime now. Instead we have a deal set up with the Saudi’s anyone who want’s to buy Saudi Oil has to do so in USD’s giving our currency and economy value. It’s why we just gave weapons to the Saudi’s Recently, Why Trump flip flopped on his position involving Syria and why we have had the petty Proxy Wars in the middle east which has done nothing but create terrorism.

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