Ben Swann ON: The Senate Is Against War in Yemen for the Wrong Reasons

Journalist Ben Swann discusses U.S. Congress attempting to reassert its war-power control from the president and why their attempts to block Saudi funding for the continued war in Yemen is being made for all the wrong reasons.


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  • J Kerfont

    Dropping bombs on civilians is an upturn in the defense industry. Sounds better than ‘economical martyrs’. Change is coming.

  • Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad

    The situation in Yemen and the “love” of the House of Saud demonstrates that those in Congress who made the statement in question, through their vote to defund said House of Saud,demonstrates beyond any doubt, the complicity of the Senate and in the MURDERS of men, women and children in Yemen. It disgusts me to know that those in some of the highest governmental seats in this country, reveal exactly how callous, evil and blood-thirsty they really are towards “undesirables”.

  • Iammram

    4:49 – 5:02 Powerful words of truth and it’s really disgustingly sad.
    I’ll say what you can’t Ben. The Zionist controlled Media brainwashed the people to think in exactly that way for their own benefit.

  • OverTaxed42Long

    What it says about the people at the top making the decision that effect us? It says what it always has, that those people are worthless POS. That they care for nothing apart from themselves. That the idea we need a ruling class to govern over us is not right. No one and their natural rights are more important than yours or mine. That no one has more authority over me than I have over me. That I have no more authority over you than you have. Being created equal is what that means.

  • Ñega

    Go to Sibel Edmonds
    @sibeledmonds Twitter to know more about the Khashoggi case. She had been investigating since day one!
    While nothing said about the sting going bad in Las Vegas, gun dealers shooting, then who had those skills? Khassoggi!

  • davidmcccsf

    Let’s not forget that American citizens in Yemen were abandoned by the US government and had it not been for Russia evacuating US citizens many would be dead today.

  • ONE (Eileen Colts)

    Ben you state here the actions of Congress and the media show the American people do not value the lives of children in the Middle East on a Russian news program. You state in previous videos you know that Congress and the media are reporting only to the shadow government, globalists, ruling elite, new world order and not representing the wishes of the American people. Who’s writing your script? MR. Conop?

  • Scott Ross

    Thank you, Ben. Thousands dead, millions starving AND a busload of schoolchildren deliberately targeted for a bomb by Our Friends, The Saudis (with our assistance) don’t matter. One Post reporter does. His murder was genuinely horrific, but isn’t it telling that they, and we, can kill with impunity only until a single employee of Jeff Bezos dies?

  • hortons1967

    The Senate serves the Deep State. Have for so long they know nothing else. False Flag? Ok! Hook line sinker. We should trust the Intel agencies after a coup? LOL 😎

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