The Media Is So Out Of Control I Just Don’t Know Anymore!

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what is going on France among other stories that are simply not being covered in western media. Instead, the media is serving up clickbait distraction issues that just can’t be taken seriously anymore.

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  • Larry Sherk

    It is a little hard for us old folks to accept, but our press is clearly omitting anything that could be controversial and lying about the rest. On top of that, which is equally discouraging, is the culture of snarky nastiness which is supposed to pass for humor and style. But accepting all that is part of accepting America as it is at the end of it’s “Short Century”. I suppose it is some sort of privilege to be alive to watch a mighty nation built on broad principles dissipate into green slime and snotty ineptitude. It is astounding to see how low money can bring people. We may think of ourselves as Israel’s slut, but they are no better off.

  • Alex Scott

    Dude, aren’t you misrepresenting the protesters by referring to them as far left and far right!? You’re doing what mainstream media does by over-hyping and misrepresenting the efforts of good people. At least make an effort to distinguish between the various groups and their specific contributions to the respective event .

  • Muad Dib

    The real enemy are the rich and powerful, regardless of nationality, gender, religion and race.
    People need to understand it and FOCUS on that target.

  • Zen Maestro

    Wow! Hiring men to portray a male, fictional character is sexist?? Would it be sexist against men, to not hire us to work at a gentlemen’s club? As a part-time actor, when looking through potential work, is it racist or sexist for the casting company to say they are looking for Caucasian men, or African men, or Asian women…? That Santa Claus is you is the stupidest argument ever. I couldn’t agree with you more Luke.

  • heatto jones

    WHAT!!!! THEY POISONED THE BEER!!!??? WTF!!! that’s a low blow!! Ya i know about the chemtrails, the fast food, but man why did they have to fuck with beer?!?? They’ve taken everything i love! Ugghhh i hate this place!

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