The Weaponization of Social Media


Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The Weaponization of Social Media. This is The Corbett Report.


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  • XTC S

    I want to associate myself with intelliegent and valuable people; however, I can not find them on Fb. Deleted Fb long long time ago.

  • FlyingAxblade

    @the end~~To engage or turn off.
    When the Mormoon missionaries ride into town, in our little town of Randolph, VT the social media (FB) of the churches gets all aflutter about “praying for hedges of protection from the cultists” & “learn how to argue with a Mormon at your front door”. The thing is is that they are not street preaching but they gather at the choke points for those walking main street and begin a nice conversation about spiritual health with a simple person, yet within earshot of others.
    So I hop on my dirty, stolen bike and pedal down there to engage them in discussion of the old testament linguistics — because…
    every minute they are talking with me is one more minute of them not pressing their freemasonry religious taxation to support Zionism on under educated (aka public educated) populace who are more concerned about heating their home next winter than their spiritual health until it’s presented as an alternative to psychological health. Everyone wants the miracle cure from anxiety.
    So, yes, if you are competent, ENGAGE!
    Don’t just sit behind your screen and hope it’ll go away soon.

  • Supreme_Court

    Hey James, you have any thoughts on Mick West, the Metabunk website owner and coincidence theorist extraordinaire?

  • Regan Teresa

    ah, the good ol days when a government troll was still an actual meatbag paying the bills with its job being a keyboardwarrior… ofcourse it will only be a matter of time until all of em are replaced by AI.

    i really learned allot having arguments with the 911 trolls back in the day.
    My english improved tremendously, gained a vastness of angles on subjects and objective specifics, made dig into technical values, forcing me to polish my creativity, carbonize my emotion
    and set clear goals
    eventually enabling me to become an unbeatable entity in any argument in any topic.
    yup, i really learned allot.
    And nothing changed in what i already knew.

    Like how social platforms are meant to sway opinion, and not to connect people. the fiddling in people’s opinion simply works better when they are connected. The very notion that one of these people can notice and steer this global phenomena into a direction beneficial to humane purposes should be considered ridiculous by all that use the network, to having these humane purposes stand even the slightest of chance.

    I wont have to point out that most people narrowed their presence in these networks down to expressing how ”great” they think it all is, or how they dont like it all. Not that i gave em a chance to begin with though

  • Plasma Plasma John Doe

    what is the point if you don’t name jewish supremacy and control of what you speak, today it is media.

  • KEK Freedom Heritage

    Nice report, key reminders and issues. It does feel addictive on social media, and in having some hope that you might make a difference. Thanks. Keep asking questions, keep digging, seek resources, avoid fake friends, and resist oppression. Spread the word.

  • Scott Wasinski

    Funny, I didn’t see James talking about the government sponsored accounts/channels that promote endless conspiracy rabbit holes, like the Corbett report. He did, however, highlight his good friend Luke Rudkowski, a known shill.

  • Kim Jong Il

    0:31 You’re wrong, couldn’t be more wrong.
    Governments are only now waking up to the power of social media.

  • ashamed of canadians ignorance

    Stop participating. Shut it off and go build cooperative communities that recognize the over reach from these criminal agencies.

  • Ultimate Sin

    That guy was wrong btw – Propaganda is now legal to use against US citizens thanks to Obama who repealed the propaganda ban back in 2013.. so when you go to those mainstream news sites and see all the posts affirming a clearly BS article alot of those are probably bots.

  • Dth2 Capitalism

    Sean Parker is wrong. He completely contradicts himself dopamine is a physiological not psycological. That douche geek thinks far too highly of himself.

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