Things That You Can Do To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

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Question: What can I do to rebuild trust in my relationship?

In this video Ayida Honor and Lenon Honor discuss things that a person can do to rebuild trust in a relationship. Trust is such an important part of relationships and there are times when trust is betrayed. For many people infidelity or cheating is something that makes it very difficult to trust. In such cases what can a person do?

1. Change the behavior. The first thing that a person can do is to change their behavior. In other words, stop cheating immediately. Apologizing for the behavior means nothing if the behavior continues. So changing the behavior is the first step.

2. Be consistent. It is not enough to change behavior. One must be consistent. Being consistent builds trust because the longer a person is able to uphold their commitment to their partner the more trust their partner will have.

3. Be open and honest about why the cheating occurred in the first place. Open dialogue should take place between couples and there must be an agreement about what needs to be done moving forward. It must also be understood that there are situations where trust never returns to what it was prior to the cheating taking place. This must also be discussed as a possibility.

Recently I posted on facebook page a message that got a lot of attention. I posted that after 16 years I am more attracted to my wife than I was when we first met. My wife and I decided to do a video discussion to talk about what people can do to keep the attraction alive in their relationship. Some of the things that my wife and I do to keep the attraction include:

1. Humor and laughter. I do my best to make my wife laugh as much as possible. This keeps our relationship enjoyable and the enjoy-ability translates into attraction.

2. Communication about what is attractive to you and what is attractive to your partner.

3. Staying in shape. Many people let their physical health go once they are in a relationship. It is important for a man and a woman to take care of their physical condition not just for themselves but also for their partner.

4. Time and space. The person who cheated must understand their partner must be given space and time to heal from the trauma that occurred when they were cheated on.

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  • Jaralle Davis

    I need this!!! I want to rebuild trust back with my ex-girlfriend. She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met and she adds so much joy in my life. Thank you sir and madam Honor for the information.

  • Day Knight

    Lenons just when I thought your done you come with more please keep it up your video is vital, necessary, useful informative, refreshing, and therapeutic. Please you guys are a model couple to listen to. Thank you both

  • greg koraua

    thankyou Mr. Honor for your videos. This one came in handy, funny that you uploaded it only a few hours ago because i was about to go through your channel to look for videos on relationships and rebuilding trust. Your relationship with ayda is amazing and i know one day i will be able to achieve that type of love, trust, joy, and happiness with my partner regardless of what we’ve have been through.

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