5 Things Barack Obama Wants You To Forget About His Presidency

In this video Luke Rudkowski addresses U.S President Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago and gives you context on his real legacy that you won’t hear anywhere else. Share this video so people remember what Barack Obama real achievements were. For more info like this invest in us on https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange

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  • Danielle G

    Burn The Bastard!! Hang The Bastard!! Shoot The Bastard!! Send
    The Bastard To Gitmo or Russia (his favorite place)! Do Something
    To This Bastard Called Barak Insane Obummer! Most Dispecable Man of
    This Nation!

  • Jay Quan

    Passed ObozoCare so his rich cronies could make more insurance money.
    Wealth gap doubled under Obummer with bankers and GOV handing out cash to
    it’s cronies and themselves. Tried his hardest to bring back racism and
    division through his propaganda.

  • Baron Humbert von Gikkingen

    But Luke, I predict that Trump will back whatever false flag event that
    gives Israel or its proxy the right to occupy the Golan Heights in Syria.
    Israel is looking for an excuse to invade. They will try to establish that
    pipeline. Furthermore, Trump will back illegal Israeli settlements in
    Palestine as well as relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  • HeyMariThere!

    He also wants you to forget about the IRS targeting scandal, the Obamacare
    debacles, and how he campaigned so ridiculously hard for Hillary Clinton,
    when no other lame duck president has ever campaigned for his successor,
    and came out as a total loser who couldn’t mind control the public the way
    he thought he could

  • Douglas Crosby

    5 Things Barack Obama Wants You To Forget About His Presidency.

    good points but I can come up with about 44 things !!

  • seanlaca

    One thing I think he was good at, or more like being slick, was coming
    across as though he’s not a warmonger. Not only did he continue Bush’s wars
    but actually expanded wars across the globe. Yet you didn’t hear a peep
    from the so-called “anti-war” movements that we saw during Bush’s admin.

  • Gerald Parker

    One of the achievements of Barack O’Dumbo’s presidency is to sneak a
    transvestite “furst lady”, making a total farce of events at which the
    First Gay F-ckbuddy was present in an official capacity. If he had been
    honest and acmitted that “Michelle” was a HE not a SHE, that would have
    been okay because honest.

  • ⓟⓛⓐⓢⓜⓐ ᕈᒪᗩᔕᙢᗩ John Doe

    u r breaking their power … we are all rising together.. blissful
    blessings to all always@!

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