Central Banks Paying YouTube Stars, Bill Gates Wants Bitcoin Stopped!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of talks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media and Ford Fischer of News2Share for episode 8 of the unnamed crypto show!

In this video, Josh breaks down how a Polish central bank has been paying YouTubers to make anti-cryptocurrency fearmongering videos and what this means for the spread of FUD in the market by the media.

Ford Fischer goes into Salon’s hypocrisy and how they’re mining cryptocurrency on your computer while calling it out at the same time.

Josh goes into the new Bitcoin QR tattoos dancers in Vegas now have for tips.

Finally, Josh, Ford and Luke go into the claim by Bill Gates that cryptocurrency is “offing” people in a fairly direct way and the absurdity of his outdated beliefs in government taxation vs. cryptocurrency.

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  • MortenB0

    USD is number 1 used for funding extremist, lets all ban it ! Anything Bill is against I think is positive for ordinary people.

  • Return of Zeus

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  • John Baker

    the reason i watch you on you tube and not steeemit is youtube sends me a notification when you have a new show out…

  • Matthew Morton

    I think a good way to treat these socialist types isn’t to be SHOCKED they lied, but rather, JOYOUS that we figured their horse shit out.

    I’m just starting to rationalize that, well, if someone lies ALL THE FUCKING TIME…..you’re a fucking idiot if you EVER act shocked lol

  • Jammin

    to all saying that bitcoin is controled by the elites, the whole point of bitcoin is it is decentralised no one can control it even if they wanted to, it wont get shut down if we the people support it

  • Bullshit Detector

    When you look at the initial initiators (and largest holders to manipulate) of all of the cryptos, Thiel and all the big tech, investments this smells like a way to get everyone in by a fake resistance to crypto, believable, but a trap, as they who started have the power and means to crash it and buy back in cheap.

  • Bullshit Detector

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