“Ultra Spiritual Gun Control” – A Reply To JP Sears!

Tim Moen, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada talks about how ultra spiritual it is to extort people and take away the guns with guns. How horrible, violent and scary it is for people to be able to defend themselves with guns but how peaceful and beautiful it is for government to put guns to people’s heads in every realm to life to get their way. Namaste!

If you hadn’t noticed, this video is a parody of a ridiculous strawman video put out by JP Sears basically criticizing gun owners as dumb rednecks who scratch their heads with the barrel of their gun and can barely speak proper english. According to him it’s dangerous and wrong for people to protect themselves with guns but totally okay for the government to use guns to coerce people into submission. Apparently we should all be so lucky to be put at gun point by the state to stop us from having the scary job of stopping a bad guy one day and possibly saving lives, including our own. That we should just give in and accept.

Tim perfectly destroys ‘AwakenWithJP’ in this satirical video.

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