Breaking: Lavoy Finicum Tased By OSP Implicates Murder By The Feds

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth analyses the FBI footage which appears to show Lavoy Finicum at first being tased by the Oregon State Police but then quickly executed by the feds.

For the full show watch “Oregon Standoff The Final Days – PFT Live with Matthew Short”

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  • Marc Ariss

    The whole thing is sad, but can you focus on the constitutional argument
    brought forward by these folks….thats the meat of the matter.

  • Press For Truth

    I wish my analyses weren’t true. Please share this video so we can get to
    the bottom of this and hold those responsible accountable!

  • A Barnes

    I got something interesting for you to look at, look at the fbi footage at
    the 18:55 mark. After all the three people that ended up being detained had
    exited Lavoy’s truck, it appears someone throws weapons out the rear
    passenger window! there was another person in the vehicle! watch how the
    feds react after Ryan bundy and the 2 girls exit. they are clearing the
    truck still, someone is in there! 18:55 mark, rear passenger window

  • David Zomaya

    I been saying it all along, it’s all staged. they desperately want the
    American people to react. out of the chaos, they will come with order. the
    longer we don’t react, we’ll have the upper hand.

  • Dathremar

    The officer who uses the taser appears to be wearing very inappropriate
    attire for waiting in the woods on a winter day.

  • David Thynne

    I too noticed that the cop was firing directly towards other officers but
    for some reason didn’t connect the dots and think tazer!!

    I was expecting to come here and see some stupid conspiracy documented with
    false truths and you seeing what you wanted to see but I find myself
    agreeing with everything you say, I can’t pick any fault with your theory!!

    I do often comment on conspiracy videos (I’m not using the word conspiracy
    in a dirty way, I know the meaning and respect it) disagreeing with them, I
    don’t do this to be a dick but I think it’s important for someone to
    question everything including none official versions of events, if it holds
    up to scrutiny then excellent!! but with this I can’t disagree.

  • freewaylee

    Great analysis. If this officer is right handed, he would use his left hand
    to taise. Moreover, if the officer is lefthanded, why was there no recoil?
    Is law enforcement in Oregon using 22LR?

  • caprinefane

    I’m so glad you see what I saw the cross fire doctrine is so well taught in
    all academy and down range action drills it is impossible to think they
    just over looked their fellow agent in the line of fire.

  • captguy14u

    So we are to assume he is truly dead, who really knows?…I don’t, nor do
    you or any of the YT viewers….Do you think it is impossible that this is
    a FRAUD for a particular reason ?…I know many who seem to think it is
    just that…More of the same from the LIBTARDS…Take the GUNS because all
    patriots, or the likes, are DANGEROUS…YEP !

  • Jayson Williams

    Narurally, I am the first person who opined he was tasered and took heat
    for calling it that way. I made that observation the day the tape was
    released by the FBI. Unless this cop was a member of the Fantastic Four ,
    his elongated left arm has a taser and the wire drops to the ground.

  • Tyler Sane

    Man you got some good fuckin eyes dude! But happy to see someone catch
    something soo many people missed! I’ve believed this was murder since I
    first saw it! I honestly think the agents on the road shot the SUV before
    it even swerved off the road as well!.

  • Mr America

    I think your eyes are slightly deceiving you.. I just noticed this about 3
    hours ago and that’s how I stumbled on your video… While he is tasing
    Lavoy, he pulls out his gun and shoots him and then re-holsters it.. Watch
    it again. 

  • thinkofwhy

    Yeah, that guy and his arm did look odd, not like he was handling a gun.
    You’re analysis must be correct. I’m sure someone with medical knowledge
    could back you up since they would know how the body reacts to being
    stunned with a Taser as opposed to being shot.

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